Who Is Mark Ruffalo’s Wife, Sunrise Coigney?

There are few people in Hollywood as beloved as Mark Ruffalo. From bringing humanity to the Hulk in Avengers to becoming a beacon of independent filmmaking with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Kids Are Alright, Ruffalo has had fans falling in love with him since first offering Jennifer Garner Razzles in 13 Going On 30. 

Ruffalo made his screen debut in 1989 and hardly even took a break from acting when he developed a brain tumor and when he lost his brother. Thankfully, Ruffalo recovered out of the public eye and made his directorial debut in 2010 with Sympathy for Delicious. Ruffalo credits The Kids Are Alright script for his return to acting. Through it all, Ruffalo has relied on his wife and partner Sunshine Coigney. Ruffalo has called Coigney his “hero” on Instagram and credits her for “always holding it together” for their three children. So who is Ruffalo’s leading lady? Keep scrolling to find out!

Sunshine Coigney and Mark Ruffalo have been married for over two decades

They’re in it for the long haul! Even though Mark Ruffalo called it love at first sight when he spotted Sunrise Coigney, she has a different take on their 1998 meeting. “She thought I was a mess, but she believed in me,” Ruffalo recalled, per Closer Weekly. They tied the knot in 2000, and had three children before by 2007, per Romper. The family currently lives in upstate New York, according to Cheat Sheet

New Orleans native Coigney also worked as an actress, with four onscreen credits on IMDb, including roles on Campfire Stories and In the Line of Fire. The former model opened seasonal boutique Sunny Pop in Callicoon, New York in 2017, and told WWD that she opted out of the Hollywood spotlight to raise her children. “You’ll always get a second chance at your career, but you’ll never get a second chance with your children,” Coigney recalled of the advice she was given. 

Coigney transitioned into retail and owned the Los Angeles boutique Kaviar and Kind before launching Sunny Pop. She also used her passion for travel to curate her shop. “I’ve traveled all around the world — by the time I was 18 I’d been around the world three times — and when I got to Callicoon it ticked off all the boxes for me,” she stated. It’s clear Ruffalo and Coigney know a good thing when they see it. 

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