‘The Simpsons’ 2019 Halloween Episode Will Be Episode 666


“The Simpsons” has predicted a lot of things, including Disney buying Fox, so it’s possible that they knew that one day their annual Halloween episode would end up being episode #666.
“Next year, ‘Treehouse of Horror XXX’ will coincidentally be ‘Simpsons’ episode 666,” executive producer Al Jean told EW. “As we planned it in 1989!”
Because, of course, they also foresaw that the show would become the longest-running prime time scripted entertainment series ever and would rack up more than 600 episodes.
We expect an appearance from Satan, who, we learned ago, is actually goody-two-shoes neighbor Ned Flanders.


The show hasn’t been officially approved for a 31st season, but all signs point to “yes.”
“I’d like to do more seasons, just to ensure that that doesn’t cause the end of the world,” Jean joked to EW.
“Treehouse of Horror XXIX” airs this Sunday, October 16 at 8 and will poke fun at “Jurassic Park,” “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” and “The Three Faces of Eve.”
And it will open with Homer getting into an eating contest with H.P. Lovecraft’s tentacled monster Cthulhu. “I’ll leave you to guess who might win,” said Jean.

[Via EW]

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