Superhero Bits: Marvel Release Rumors for 2020, Jimmy Kimmel Meets The Avengers & More

How much has Venom made at the box office now? What’s Jimmy Kimmel doing in an issue of West Coast Avengers? Do you want a new Wonder Woman Steelbook? How does Zachary Levi stay in top shape for Shazam? Which Marvel movies might hit theaters in 2020? Are you in the market for a new Batman 1966 ornament? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Spider-Man faces off with Jack Skellington in Nerdist’s latest edition of Toy Smash, and things get weird.

Kevin Feige is receiving the first Marty & Leah Sklar Creative Visionary Award from The Ryman Arts Board.

Look at all the fun festivities DC fans partook in when Batman Day arrived last month around the world.

Venom has crossed $300 million in international markets, may hit $500 million worldwide this weekend.

Jimmy Kimmel will be in an upcoming issue of West Coast Avengers as part of an ongoing tradition.

NASA has announced 21 new constellations, including The Incredible Hulk and Thor‘s hammer Mjolnir.

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