Sarah Paulson Blows It for Humanity in New 'Glass' Trailer That Unleashes the Beast

And it’s up to Bruce Willis to pick up the pieces when Samuel L. Jackson’s Mr. Glass shatters her plan.

Do movie psychologists ever get tired of being wrong?

Sarah Paulson’s "Glass" character, Dr. Ellie Staple, will try to outsmart Samuel L. Jackson’s evil mastermind in the sequel to "Split" and "Unbreakable," and the new trailer makes it abundantly clear her plan will not go well.

If you saw the first preview for writer-director M. Night Shyamalan’s next movie, you know Bruce Willis’ low-key superhero David Dunn is stuck in a mental hospital with Mr. Glass and James McAvoy’s schizophrenic character, who we saw climb walls, bend bars and murder humans in "Split."

Dr. Staple has a plan to treat her three patients’ "disorder," and figures out using bursts of bright light can shuffle through the many personalities of McAvoy’s character, including the scariest one — The Beast. Welp, Mr. Glass may be heavily sedated, but he’s still smart enough to take advantage of an opportunity when he sees one, so he does what any evil comic book mastermind would do and unleashes that beast.

Yes, the trailer showcases the monster’s powerful abilities, including a killer bear hug.

Mr. Glass is kind enough to tip off his arch nemesis, though.

"You might want to try to stop us," Mr. Glass tells Dunn. "A lot people are going to die."

Anya Taylor-Joy, who played the captive teenager who escaped The Beast in "Split," also returns for what looks like a very promising conclusion to the trilogy no one expected to be a trilogy when "Unbreakable" hit theaters 18 years ago.

"Glass" hits theaters on Jan. 18 next year.

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