Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans ‘returning to MCU before Secret Wars’

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After a decade in the MCU, the franchise’s two leads both bowed out where the other’s character arc began. The selfish womanising Tony Stark sacrificially died as the father figure Iron Man had become. Captain America on the other hand, who gave up his own happiness to serve his country and planet, ended up doing something for himself for a change by going back in time to marry Peggy Carter and live a long life together into their old age.

Both Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans are done, but both have also not entirely shut the door on a return to the MCU. After all, Marvel’s time travel and the multiverse mean it’s pretty easy for them to make a comeback in some form. And of the biggest rumours is that they’ll be in Avengers Secret Wars.

Avengers Secret Wars is the on-going Multiverse Saga’s Endgame-level conclusion and is set for release in May 2026. Avengers The Kang Dynasty will precede it in 2025 as another Infinity War of sorts.

In fact, multiple leakers claim the storyline will include variants of different superhero characters including the return of the original Iron Man and Captain America stars. This seems pretty likely but now there are reports that Downey Jr and Evans will be reprising their characters in the MCU earlier than Secret Wars.

Firstly, Giant Freakin Robot reports that Evans’ Steve Rogers will return in Captain America 4 starring Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson as the new flag-waving superhero.

The new movie, set for release on May 3, 2024, is called Captain America: New World Order and co-stars Harrison Ford as President Thaddeus Ross following the death of original actor William Hurt. 

Apparently, Evans will be appearing in a cameo capacity, perhaps as the old Captain America from the closing scenes of Avengers Endgame, since he’s technically still alive in the MCU. 

If that wasn’t enough, it’s also reported that Downey Jr will return as Tony Stark in another Captain America project.

The outlet also hears that Downey Jr will reprise Iron Man in a limited Disney+ show called Nomad, which is the moniker used by Captain America in the comics when he could no longer support the US. Yet apparently, this series is going to follow Steve Rogers on his time travelling journeys to return the six Infinity Stones – a mission fans witnessed him embarking on in Avengers Endgame.

If this rumour is true he would no doubt be a past version of Tony Stark who Cap bumps into. It was also specified that it’s not clear if Evans would return for this series that would presumably release before Secret Wars. Although given it’s a Captain America adventure why wouldn’t he unless it was animated?



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