Real Life Partners Of The Stars Of Home Economics

“Home Economics” is the totally relatable show that’s all about the relationships between the three adult siblings of the Hayworth family, and where they each ended up in their lives. While they were all raised the same, their financial and family situations grew apart as they got older. One of the siblings ended up in the top one percent, another one is in the middle class, while the third is struggling to make ends meet. Meanwhile, on the relationship front, two of the siblings are in stable marriages, while one is going through a tough split. The show is both heartwarming and uncomfortable all at the same time and mirrors real life in so many ways. 

And like their characters, the real life cast of “Home Economics” have been through their own ups and downs when it comes to their love lives. Some are happily married with kids, others have gone through multiple divorces, and some are still loving the single life. So let’s dive into the real life partners of the stars of “Home Economics.”

Caitlin McGee is engaged to another actor!

On “Home Economics,” Caitlin McGee plays Sarah, the Hayworth sibling that’s struggling to make ends meet. On the show, McGee’s character is an out-of-work child therapist who is married to Denise (played by Sasheer Zamata) and they share multiple children together. In real life, McGee is engaged to fellow actor Patrick Woodall, whose credits mostly include short films and one-off TV show appearances.

The two announced their engagement on Instagram in July 2020 and McGee has continued to gush over Woodall ever since. In a December 2020 post, she wrote, “You’re the best quarantine/life roommate a dog could ask for.” And unlike her character, McGee doesn’t have any kids of her own yet, but she and Woodall do share an adorable dog named Gertie.

It seems McGee also has a great relationship with Woodall’s extended family, too. During an interview for Build Series in November 2019, she discussed how supportive her fiance and his family have been of her career. And while they love her acting, as Texans, she said they were particularly excited about the one time she was the Grand Marshall for a NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedways. Since “Home Economics” premiered, Woodhall has promoted his fiancee’s show all over his social media pages. How sweet! 

Topher Grace's real life family life isn't so different from his character's

Topher Grace plays Tom Hayworth on “Home Economics,” aka the middle class sibling. Topher’s character is married to Karla Souza’s character, Marina, and they share three children together. Topher’s real life family situation isn’t so different from Tom’s, you know, minus the fact that he’s actually worth an estimated $14 million.

Off screen, the former “That ’70s Show” star is married to fellow actor Ashley Grace. The couple mostly keeps their personal life, well, personal, but we do know that following their 2016 wedding, Topher and Ashley welcomed two children into the world in 2017 and 2020 — and the kiddos have kept them busy. On a rare date night out to the Golden Globes in 2019, Ashely quipped to Us Weekly that their first year as parents was “amazing, but awful” and described their home life like so: “We try to get some sleep when we have a babysitter, so we go to bed at 9. It’s fun stuff at the Grace household. Very exciting stuff.” 

Speaking with People in April 2021, Topher acknowledged the work-life parallel, saying, “Every day, I’m leaving my baby to come to work and work with two babies.” He also added that he’s much better now with babies on set than he was during his “That ’70s Show” days. “I didn’t know how to handle that,” he said, adding, “Now I’m much better. My wife would tell you I’m not as good as I could be, but I am better at soothing these kids!”

Jimmy Tatro confirmed Zoey Deutch was his girlfriend on Valentine's Day

Jimmy Tatro shot to fame in the late 2010s thanks to his roles on “American Vandal” and “The Real Bros of Simi Valley,” but fans were excited to see him starring on the network TV show “Home Economics.” Tatro pays the rich Hayworth sibling, Connor, and Connor’s marriage is falling apart after a year in quarantine. In real life, thankfully Tatro’s love life is going better than his character’s.

Ever since Tatro became a star, people have wondered about the hilarious actor’s relationship status. And so, in February 2021, he finally cleared up the rumors once and for all. On Valentine’s Day, Tatro confirmed on Instagram, via a carousel of sweet couple photos, that he’s dating fellow actor Zoey Deutch.

Deutch was previously linked to actor Avan Jogia, and is the daughter of actor Lea Thompson and director Howard Deutch. She got her start in the biz in the classic Disney show “The Suite Life on Deck.” She parlayed that into decidedly more adult fare with 2016’s “Dirty Grandpa” and 2019’s “Zombieland: Double Tap.” As for the personal side of things, she told Vulture in May 2020 that she basically has no hobbies besides cooking and eating and “loudly singing in [her] car.” But something tells she and Tatro have a much more interesting courtship than hiding out in the kitchen (or the car). 

Aside from some social media pics and comments, however, Tatro and Deutch have kept their relationship private. Fans are still waiting on their red carpet debut!

Karla Souza found love outside the entertainment industry

“How to Get Away with Murder” star Karla Souza is stealing fans hearts again in a totally different role on “Home Economics.” Her character Marina is married to Topher Grace’s Tom and they share three kids together on the show. And like Grace, Souza’s real family life isn’t so different from her character’s.

Souza got engaged to Marshall Trenkmann in 2013 and they were married less than a year later. It’s not clear exactly how these two met, but Trenkmann isn’t a fellow actor or entertainer, he’s a banker from Texas. Not long after their wedding, Souza spoke to Us Weekly and revealed the sweet things Trenkmann would do for her saying, “My husband leaves me articles he wants me to read about something we were talking about, like Latino culture. Or he’ll drop a little note in my bag saying, ‘I hope your day goes well! I love you.’ It’s super sweet!”

And since then, then Souza and Trenkmann have welcomed two children into the world, Gianna and Luka. Souza also frequently shares photos with her hubby on social media and they aren’t afraid to show a little PDA.

Sasheer Zamata isn't a fan of dating apps

Sasheer Zamata plays Denise, a teacher and Sarah Hayworth’s wife, on “Home Economics.” Zamata previously starred on “Saturday Night Live,” “The Last O.G.,” and “BoJack Horseman.” And while she’s become an extremely successful actress and has gained hundreds of thousands of fans on social media, she’s still pretty private about her dating life. Zamata plays a member of the LGBTQ+ community in both “Home Economics” and on her Hulu show, “Woke,” but she hasn’t opened up her sexuality in real life.

While she appears to be single, as of this writing, Zamata revealed to Interview in September 2020 that she isn’t looking for love on dating apps. She said, “I tried OkCupid years and years ago, and I recognized a few other people from the comedy world on there and then I just logged off. I was like, This is too weird.'” She also added that when it comes to finding the one, she “just wanted to meet someone in person.”

Luckily, Zamata’s real partner in crime and life is her BFF Nicole Byer and they host a podcast together, appropriately titled Best Friends.

Nora Dunn has been married and divorced twice

Nora Dunn has been acting professionally since the 1980’s, starring on “Saturday Night Live,” “The Nanny,” “Entourage,” “How To Get Away With Murder,” and much more. Now she’s made her appearance as Muriel on “Home Economics.” And Dunn’s real life love life has had its ups and downs.

She’s been married twice, first to playwright Ray Hutcherson. The two wed in 1987 and, according to the Chicago Tribune, the two worked together on trying to produce a project in 1991. The two sat also down together with The Miscellany News in November 1993, where Hutcherson raved about Dunn’s integrity as a stand up comedian. They recalled a time when she was asked to sign “a piece of paper saying that she would not say anything against the Catholic Church.” Hutcherson noted that Dunn doesn’t “say anything about the Catholic Church in her routines, but she would not sign something which amounted to censorship.”

The two ended up getting divorced in 1995 and Dunn remarried another entertainment industry man, Sean McGarry, a set builder. According to court docs, the two filed for divorce in 2000 and as far as we know, she hasn’t remarried again since.

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