Police Investigate Possible Jewish Hate Crime in California (Report)

The alleged attackers were described as men waving “pro-Palestinian” flags

Lindsey Ellefson

A non-Jewish man present said he was physically attacked and pepper sprayed when he tried to intervene. He also said he went to the hospital as a result.

Tensions are high following continued attacks in Gaza. The ongoing violence in the Middle East has, of course, made American headlines and piqued tensions here, too. An Israeli airstrike on Saturday completely destroyed a 12-story building in Gaza City that housed the Qatar-owned TV news network Al-Jazeera, the Associated Press and other media outlets.

The strike came roughly an hour after the military ordered the building’s evacuation, according to the AP — and reflected a new escalation in violence as Israel mounted its sixth straight day of bombings in the Gaza Strip.

There have been many protests worldwide denouncing the bombings, including a march in Los Angeles earlier Tuesday led by Palestinian youth.

Lawrence Yee contributed to this report.

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