Next James Bond: No Time To Die star shares their pick for Daniel Craig’s replacement

No Time to Die: Final international trailer for new Bond film

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WARNING: SPOILERS FOR NO TIME TO DIE AHEAD. He may only have starred in five James Bond movies, two less than Sir Roger Moore, but no one has held the role of 007 as long as Daniel Craig’s 15 year tenure. But now that No Time To Die is out the way, all eyes are on who will be the next Bond. caught up with No Time To Die star David Dencik, who played Dr Valdo Obruchev in the new blockbuster.

Bond fans will remember the amusing scientist villain developed Project Heracles, the bioweapon containing the nanobots.

We asked the Danish-Swedish actor who he’d like to see play the next Bond and his main priority was that it should be a younger star.

The 47-year-old said: “I would like to see a young actor who can do at least five films…to see them develop, to see the broadness of the character. For that reason, I think they should focus on somebody who is around 30.”

David admitted he wasn’t that familiar with British actors around that age given his heritage, but did mention his McMafia co-star.

He said: “I did work with James Norton on a show and at the time everybody thought he was going to be the next James Bond.

“But then Daniel Craig decided to do one more film and now he might be too old. I’m just a spectator now, it’s going to be fun to see what they come up with.”

Asked if he knew that Craig’s Bond would be killed off in No Time To Die, David shared: “They told me the ending!”

The Valdo actor continued: “As soon as I was on board I was loyal to the film. I must confess I did tell my wife but we told nobody.

“It was important to me as well not to give it away. It was quite easy actually to keep my mouth shut.”

On the inspiration for his comical character, he shared: “There were bits in the script that are no longer in the film that got me thinking of Rick Moranis from Ghostbusters.

“When he’s completely lost talking to a horse, asking if he’s the Gatekeeper or the Keymaster.”

David continued: “The obvious one is maybe Borat. But I didn’t think so much about that until after the film was made.

“But I think it has to do with dialect to a certain extent and apart from that I looked at Alan Cumming.

“That was [director] Cary [Fukunaga]’s idea to see his performance [as Boris in GoldenEye]. I remember watching it as a source of inspiration.”

The actor also relished working with Craig on No Time To Die, especially during the plane scene as they left Cuba.

David said: “We had great fun! When we were inside the plane I think we had a good half an hour or an hour’s improvisation.

“Daniel was a good sport, he allowed me to take up space. We were having fun with it.

“I was happy when they yelled action and so sad when they yelled cut because I could just go on and on forever!”

No Time To Die is available to buy on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD from December 20th.

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