Mia Hansen-Love Would Rather Scrap Her Sex Scene Than Have ‘Virtue Police’ on Set

The ‘All Is Forgiven’ director refuses to use an intimacy co-ordinator when filming her movies and, if she’s forced to, she would prefer scrapping her scene instead.

AceShowbizMia Hansen-Love preferred not put a sex scene into a film if it meant using an intimacy co-ordinator. When asked directly whether she uses an intimacy co-ordinator on set, the 42-year-old director revealed that she would rather not have the “virtue police” with her during production of her movie even though she can understand why some actors might prefer it.

“No, I don’t. As long as I’m not forced to, I won’t use them. I don’t think I need it. I’m extremely sensitive and pay lots of attention to the respect that the actors need to have for one another. I’ve never had any kind of problem,” she told The Guardian.

“I’ve never forced any actor to do anything. Everything is discussed and happens in a very smooth way. So for me, intimacy coordinators aren’t necessary. If I was forced to have some kind of virtue police on set, I’d rather not film those scenes. I understand why some people might feel reassured, but it’s very far from the experience of my own film sets.”

The acclaimed moviemaker has most recently helmed drama film “One Fine Morning” – which follows a young girl taking care of her gravely ill father – and went on to remember her own late dad as being “very encouraging” of her own work.

She added, “He never got to see it and I cannot speak for him, but I can say that he was always very encouraging of my work. Very proud, I think. My father was a philosophy teacher but I always thought he should have been a writer.”

“He had high standards, both morally and culturally. One thing he taught was the importance of clarity. As a film-maker, I’m always looking for clarity in my style. That really mattered to him and it’s partly what made his disease so tragic, because Benson’s syndrome destroys clarity of mind.”

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