'Launchpad' Trailer: A Collection of Short Films From a New Generation of Storytellers on Disney+

First things first – Disney+’s upcoming Launchpad is not a spin-off of DuckTales focused on the lovable Launchpad McQuack. Instead, it’s a “collection of live-action short films from a new generation of dynamic storytellers.” The six short films come from a group of filmmakers from underrepresented backgrounds who were selected from more than 1,100 U.S. applicants. Watch the Launchpad trailer below.

Launchpad Trailer

In Launchpad, filmmakers created a collection of live-action short films from a new generation of storytellers. The filmmakers were “selected from more than 1,100 U.S. applicants and were given an opportunity to share their perspectives and creative visions with audiences around the world,” and each filmmaker was assigned executive mentors from various Disney divisions, including Disney+, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, Pixar, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Production.

The goal: to “diversify the types of stories that are being told and to give access to those who have historically not had it. Inspired by life’s journey, these first six short films for Disney+ are based on the theme, ‘Discover.’”

“This first group of shorts by these six gifted filmmakers took our breath away,” said Mahin Ibrahim, Director of Disney’s Diversity & Inclusion, Market. “They are moving, provocative and entertaining, and they each convey a unique perspective on living in America today and the things you learn about yourself and others when you follow your own path. I am excited to share them with you, and I look forward to welcoming a new group of filmmakers from underrepresented backgrounds for our next season of Disney’s Launchpad.”

The second season of the show is currently looking for filmmakers to tackle the theme of “Connection.” You can find more about that here. In the meantime, season 1 of Launchpad premieres on May 28, 2021. Here’s more info about the films that will be featured.

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