Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington Reunite 27 Years After The Pelican Brief for New Netflix Movie

During the emotional evening, a number of the actor’s peers and collaborators took to the stage to share their own heartfelt tributes, including Roberts.

“I met Denzel Washington over half of my life ago,” she remarked. “Working with Denzel, I had really never seen anything like it, honestly. It was like working as I imagined, with wheels. People screaming, women fainting in the street. I am amazed that I was never trampled in the crowds.”

“But what I remember so well as meeting Pauletta and all your kids and seeing how you valued your family, your home life above all else,” she continued. “I know it takes a lot of hard work but you and Pauletta made it look like a dream to me, and now I live my life with those same values. The two of you inspired me then and continue to inspire me to this day.”

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