Jim Carrey Depicts President Donald Trump as a 'Killer Clown' in Latest Artwork After Capitol Riot

Jim Carrey is once again using his art to blast President Donald Trump.

The actor posted an animated cartoon on his Twitter account, depicting Trump as an evil clown following Wednesday's riots, where a mob incited by Trump breached the U.S. Capitol.

“But Covfefe, the Killer Clown didn’t just come to take lives,” Carrey, 58, wrote alongside the image. “He’s here to murder the truth and weaponize ignorance. Today’s defilement of the Capitol dome is the harvest of Republican negligence and outright sedition from the top down. The chronic symptoms of a corrupt President and Senate are now in full effect.”

“Sorry Joe… this clown made you a wartime president whether you like it or not," Carrey added.

The cartoon follows years of Carrey, who picked up painting about six years ago, demonstrating his political beliefs through his artwork. Carrey rarely explicitly names the subjects of his portraits but many appear to be prominent political figures. Over the past couple years, Carrey has taken to social media to share some of his pieces, which have generated praise, condemnation and everything in between.

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On Wednesday, thousands of Trump's supporters gathered outside in D.C. and moved from the Mall to the Capitol, forcing their way into the building. Motivated by the president's false claims about the election, the rioters stormed the Capitol and were photographed scaling the building's walls, breaking windows, roaming through the building, looting and vandalizing, including in congressional chambers and lawmaker offices. Rioters also ripped an American flag off of a flagpole outside the Capitol building and replaced it with a Trump flag.

The massive mob in turn delayed the counting of the electoral votes cast in the 2020 presidential election, as lawmakers were forced to evacuate the Capitol.

The president, 74, later tweeted a video to the rioters, saying, "We love you, you're very special," and doubling down on the baseless claims that the election was "stolen from us" in the clip before adding, "We have to have peace, so go home."

As of Thursday morning, Trump has officially agreed to an an "orderly" transition on Jan. 20, making way for Joe Biden, 78, to be named the 46th president of the United States following Congress' affirmation of his victory Wednesday night.

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