Jerry Bruckheimer Wants Johnny Depp Back to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Franchise

The producer expresses interest in having the actor and his friend returning to the franchise as the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow following his defamation trial against his ex Amber Heard.

AceShowbiz -Jerry Bruckheimer isn’t shutting down a chance for another “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie with Johnny Depp. Calling him a “terrific actor,” the producer “would love” to have his friend to reprise his iconic role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

The 79-year-old filmmaker talks about the possibility of having Depp return to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film franchise in a new profile written by The Hollywood Reporter. “I would love to have him in the movie,” he says.

Acknowledging that Depp’s career has been overshadowed by his legal drama, Bruckheimer adds, “He’s a friend, a terrific actor and it’s unfortunate that personal lives creep into everything we do.” He, however, notes that the decision ultimately lies in the hands of Disney as saying, “You’d have to ask them. I can’t answer that question. I really don’t know.”

When asked whether they’d ever kill off Jack Sparrow, the “Bad Boys” producer insinuates that it will never happen. “You can’t. We tried to kill him. It didn’t work,” he says.

Depp was set to reprise his role as Jack Sparrow for a sixth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, before he was let go by Disney in the wake of abuse allegations against him by Amber Heard. Back in November, The Sun floated the rumor of Depp’s alleged return to the franchise, but it was quickly debunked by The Daily Mail.

Margot Robbie, meanwhile, said earlier last month that the studio is no longer interested in making a female-led “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. She said in an interview with Vanity Fair, “We had an idea and we were developing it for a while, ages ago, to have more of a female-led – not totally female-led, but just a different kind of story – which we thought would’ve been really cool. But I guess they don’t want to do it.”

Bruckheimer’s comments on Depp’s possible return to the franchise arrive as the actor and his ex-wife reached a settlement in their defamation dispute. He was initially awarded $10 million in damages after winning all three of his defamation claims, while Heard was awarded $2 million after winning one of her three countersuit claims. To end the case, the former spouses’ lawyers have agreed to a deal which will see the 36-year-old actress’ insurance company paying $1 million to her ex-husband.

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