'A Star Is Born' 'Look What I Found' Music Video Features Yet Another Great Lady Gaga Song

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but that Lady Gaga is a pretty good singer! Ms. Gaga is currently burning up the screen on A Star Is Born, and while the big opening weekend has come and gone, you can expect to hear about A Star Is Born for the next few months as awards season descends upon us. To keep the hype train going, yet another Star is Born music video is here, this time for the song “Look What I Found.” Watch the Star Is Born “Look What I Found” video below, and get ready to sing the opening line of “I’m alone in my house!” to yourself for the next few hours.

A Star Is Born Look What I Found Music Video

While “Shallow” gets most of the attention because it’s featured so prominently in the trailer, A Star Is Born‘s soundtrack is actually loaded with a whole slew of great jams. Like “Look What I Found”, a catchy, up-tempo tune featuring Lady Gaga hitting all the right notes. I dare you to listen to this and not get that opening “I’m alone in my house,” line lodged in your brain. I first listened to this five hours ago, and the line has been running through my brain ever since. Curse you, Lady Gaga – you’ve enchanted me with your songstress ways!

This is a full-fledged music video, starting off with a scene from the film in which Gaga’s Ally chats about songwriting with Bradley Cooper‘s grumbly Jackson Maine. From there, the song kicks in and we’re treated to a montage of several moments from the film. I’m curious to see how many music videos end up being released for A Star Is Born – there’s a long list of options. Hell, you could release a video for every single song on the album leading all the way up to Oscar night. Here’s a full track list for the soundtrack. Expect to see a music video for every single one of these! Even the dialogue tracks!

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