A Star Is Born: Dave Chappelle, Eddie Griffin had Undercover Brother reunion

No offense, Alias, but there was a much more important reunion in A Star Is Born.

Yes, Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut featured him appearing alongside Greg Grunberg and Ron Rifkin, his former costars on the hit ABC spy series. But, you know who else Cooper appeared alongside in his critically-acclaimed new film? Dave Chappelle and Eddie Griffin, the stars of the cult blaxploitation spoof Undercover Brother.

This big reunion begs three questions: Is Cooper a fan of the 2002 film? If so, where was the Denise Richards cameo? And, more importantly, could these films actually be in the same universe?

(SPOILER ALERT: Plot details from A Star Is Born ahead — if you haven’t seen the movie, read at your own risk!)

Think about it, Griffin and Chappelle starred in Undercover Brother as the titular brother and Conspiracy Brother, two agents for the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D., a secret organization with the sole mission to battle the influence of The Man. And in A Star Is Born, Chappelle pops up as Noodles, the childhood friend of Cooper’s rockstar Jackson Maine. It is at Noodles’ house where Jackson becomes engaged to Ally (Lady Gaga), leading them to a nearby church, where they are married by the local pastor, played by Griffin (good for him!).

So we ask this: If the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D. were looking to infiltrate an element of white culture, wouldn’t the world of rock-country and a drunken rockstar be the perfect target? And don’t even make me point out that Conspiracy Brother and Undercover Brother come into contact with the MAiNe.

“Richard Pryor is my hero, and I’ve always been obsessed with stand-up comedy since I was a kid, but I really idolized him and studied him as an actor,” Cooper previously told EW of why he cast Chappelle. “I think he’s one of the great actors, and there is something that when you get up on stage in front of people eight times a week for years, and years, and years, there is a level of authenticity that you just bring. I always thought standup comedians could be the best actors. Dave Chappelle is somebody I find magical. I was doing a play in London and he came and we hung out all night. I spent two years trying to get him [for the film].”

Yeah, that was the reason. Sounds like an undercover conspiracy to me.

Undercover Brother 2 A Star Is Born is now in theaters.

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