You've Never Seen Natalie Portman's Hair Quite Like This

Maybe Natalie Portman’s buzz cut in V for Vendetta inspired you to chop off all of your hair, or you threw on a pink bubblegum wig for Halloween one year because you saw the actress wearing one in Closer. It turns out that Portman might be able to help you out with a last-minute costume this year, too. Today, the first trailer for her upcoming film Vox Lux, dropped and Portman looks completely unrecognizable as her character Celeste, thanks to her metallic silver pixie cut.  


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The ’80s punk-meets-glam-meets futuristic cyborg is everything that you’re looking for in an easy Halloween costume that only requires makeup. Spray on some temporary hair color, stick some sequins along your brow bone, and break out your most pigmented eyeshadow palette and you’re good to go to that costume party you’re being forced to attend.  

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Portman was first spotted (sans metallic hairspray) filming scenes for Vox Lux on the streets of New York earlier this year. When the internet noticed she had a slicked-back pixie cut, a freakout ensued. If you thought her short hair was totally badass, this metallic hair look is going to make you want to see the film even more. 

You can see all of Portman’s cool performance looks in Vox Lux when it hits theaters Dec. 7. In the meantime, screenshot the trailer and let it serve as your Halloween 2018 hair inspo. 

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