Will Duchess Kate eventually sign on to Duchess Meghan’s 40X40 project?

Riddle me this: if the Duchess of Sussex was a horribly abusive bully to staff and other royals, why wouldn’t those staffers and royals want to shun everything about Meghan, including her projects and initiatives? Why wouldn’t they just shrug, roll their eyes and ignore Meghan if they truly believed that she was this horrible monster who left a trail of destruction and white tears in her wake? That’s something that I don’t understand! I mean, I do understand it. Of course I do. Because the bullying accusations are trumped-up bullsh-t and the Windsors and the royal press are still obsessed with every single thing Meghan does and says. The royals try to copy her. The British press devotes weeks and months to covering her and smearing her.

I keep thinking about all of these riddles whenever I see some speculation about how the Duchess of Cambridge should or will sign up for Meghan’s 40X40 mentorship/service project. Kate had plenty of opportunities to support Meghan and her projects when Meg was in the UK and Kate always balked. Because Kate was too busy with her own dumbf–k Future Future Queen Embiggening Campaign. And too busy being lazy as hell. Well, the conversations about how Kate should volunteer for Meghan’s project continue:

Sister-in-law support could be on the way. Meghan Markle‘s 40×40 campaign hasn’t been acknowledged by Duchess Kate just yet, but royal expert Mikhaila Friel thinks she could still join the effort.

“I don’t think it was an intentional move,” Friel told Us Weekly exclusively on Tuesday, August 10, noting that scheduling conflicts, Kensington Palace’s approval process and a host of other reasons could be why the Duchess of Cambridge, 39, hasn’t publicly spoken out about the initiative to mentor women reentering the workforce.

“There might be a reason she couldn’t have officially put her name down, but that being said, I don’t think that means that we won’t see her involved in some capacity,” Friel said.

Princess Eugenie also wasn’t on the official roster of participants , which included Adele and Stella McCartney, but the 31-year-old chose to show her support via her Instagram Story.

“Prince Harry‘s cousin Princess Eugenie, she actually posted on her Instagram that she was supporting the initiative,” Friel noted. “And her name wasn’t mentioned in the original press release, so it could be that Kate turns around and shows support in her own way down the line.”

[From Us Weekly]

Please. Kate didn’t sign up for it because she hates Meghan, is jealous of Meghan and desperately wants to copy Meghan. Kate’s vibe isn’t “let me support one of Meghan’s good causes.” Kate’s vibe is “let me announce my own half-baked thing in competition with Meghan and I’ll force everyone to kiss my keen peacemaking ass.” Come October, Kate will announce that she will eventually announce a new mentorship program for the Keenwell Institute’s Button Initiative, with the details to be worked out whenever Meghan has something new she’s promoting.

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