Why Elizabeth Olsen Refused to Watch Her 'Doctor Strange' Screener from Disney

Elizabeth Olsen is (obviously!!!!) one of the stars of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but update: she still hasn’t seen the movie. Elizabeth recently showed up on The Tonight Show and explained that she had a cold during the premiere ,which meant she couldn’t attend—so then Disney sent her a screener, but said screener had a watermark on it which she found distracting and refused to watch. Fair.

“I haven’t seen it still,” Elizabeth told Jimmy Fallon (via Variety), who asked if she was ~one of those people~ who don’t see their own movies. “I’m not one of those. I’m like one of those people who likes to study something so I can figure out how to make it better. No, I had a cold when we had the premiere and I didn’t want to sit through it. I did have a cold. Because I was here and you gave me that spray, it was fabulous. And so I asked them to send a copy so I could watch it, and was, like, it had my name on it and it had the time that I was watching it, and I didn’t want to watch it like that.”

“So my name would be on it and the exact time and date,” she added. “It was just distracting.”

Pretty sure Elizabeth Olsen isn’t going to distribute copies of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to random people, so maybe Disney can hook her up with a non-watermarked version of this movie lol.

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