Who Is The Narrator Of Naked And Afraid XL?

We all know what is about to go down when we turn on the Discovery channel and hear the words, “This IS Naked and Afraid.” But have you ever wondered who is the man behind the iconic narration of the beloved show? With season 7 of Naked and Afraid XL premiering on April 25, 2021, fans are itching to know more about the mysterious voice that has become so familiar to them. 

Viewers will definitely be in need of the narrator’s guidance this time around since this season is taking things up a notch with 60 days in the wild instead of the show’s usual 40-day challenge. Additionally, the survivalists will be living off the deadly swamplands in Louisiana and adding some extra difficulty as they resist the urge to run for the hills in search of Mardi Gras and beignets.

Keep scrolling to finally see the man behind the famous Naked and Afraid narrator.

Meet voice actor Michael Brown

Although you’ve probably never seen what he looks like, you’ve definitely heard what Naked and Afraid narrator, Michael Brown sounds like. With 40 plus years “behind the mic,” according to his website, it’s no wonder his tone is so familiar to many. In addition to his work on Naked and Afraid, his voice has been used on Animal Planet’s Rugged Justice, and The Walking Dead, not to mention the countless commercials he’s done for major brands including RC Cola, Radio City Music Hall, Time Life, Sears, Cargill, Southwest Airlines, McDonalds, Hasbro, Joe’s Crab Shack, IBM, and more.

But while Brown has a wealth of experience, he’s most remembered for his work on Naked and Afraid starting in 2013, per IMDb. Since then, he’s lent his voice to various spinoffs including Naked and Afraid: Foreign Exchange and Naked and Afraid: Savage. As his sound gained notoriety, Brown began narrating Shark Week starting in 2018, however, Discovery has yet to reveal whether Brown will be back for another round in 2021.

Despite his voice being recognized by millions around the world, Brown appears to keep a low profile, and very little is known about his personal life. Now that sounds like our kind of fame!

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