Wendy Williams: Couples Therapy Can’t Save Ronnie & Jen Harley — ‘They Need Anger Management’

Wendy Williams doesn’t think anything can save Ronnie Magro and Jen Harley’s relationship after he admitted they’re in couples therapy! Wendy says they need anger management after Jen allegedly dragged him with her car!

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, 32, and Jen Harley, 31, are working on their tumultuous relationship, but Wendy Williams, 54, thinks they should quit while they’re ahead. “I don’t think this is a good idea or time for these people to ever be together again,” Wendy said on her show, October 22, amid Ronnie’s admission that he’s in couples therapy with Jen. “Ronnie’s never been innocent, he enjoys a particular type of lifestyle that would lead him to be with a woman like this who would fight him as he fights back,” Wendy continued. “I don’t think couple’s therapy is going to work.”

On Thursday’s (October 18) episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Ronnie flew in from Las Vegas to surprise Deena Cortese at her baby’s sex reveal party. The cast was unsure if he would even show up, since the party took place after Jen allegedly dragged Ronnie with her car, while their baby, Ariana was reportedly inside. “We’re going to do some couples therapy,” Ronnie told the cast, adding they were trying to work it out. “Seven hours of therapy a day. It’s like school and then you take the f–king final.” But, Wendy doesn’t think seven hours is even enough time per day to patch things up.

“They need more than seven hours a day in couple’s therapy. They need to live apart,” Wendy declared. “They need to stay as far as away as possible and move on with their lives and take anger management, him and also her. She’s not innocent… I don’t trust it,” she continued. Wendy also added that Jen “looks like the kind of girl who would run you over with a car!”

As previously reported, Jen was arrested and charged with domestic battery in June after allegedly dragging Ronnie with her car. The alleged incident occured in LasVegas, where the Jersey Shore cast was filming season two of Family Vacation.

At the time, Officer Laura Meltzer from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirmed details of the arrest to HollywoodLife. “I can confirm that Jennifer Harley was arrested on Sunday June 24 for one count of misdemeanor domestic battery. She is no longer in custody but she will be getting a court date and will have to appear at a later time and it will be up to the DA if they proceed to trial,” Meltzer told us. She added, “Our officers made the arrest after 10:20 p.m. on Sunday and they made contact with the individuals involved and made the arrest for misdemeanor battery, with Jennifer listed as the primary aggressor. She was then transported to jail and booked.”

Ahead of Thursday’s episode, Jen got candid with fans during a Q&A on Instagram, October 17. She confirmed that she is still with the Jersey Shore star, despite having no plans to marry him. “I’m with him because I love him and we have a connection that most people do not have and it sucks you guys do not get to see it on JS but it’s there and it’s real and I do believe he’s my soulmate,” Jen said after a fan asked if she was with Ronnie for the money.

Jen gave birth to their daughter, Ariana Sky back in April. Soon after welcoming their first child together, Ronnie and Jen split, as seen documented on the MTV show. However, they’re giving it another shot. — Do you think they’ll last, despite the Jersey Shore cast believing Ron shouldn’t be with Jen?

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8 PM ET on MTV.

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