Wendy Williams Comes After Kim Kardashian Following Raunchy Bikini Pic

Kim Kardashian was making headlines after she posted vulgar bikin pic on her Instagram account. Some slammed the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star, labeling her “sad.” “ridiculous” and “desperate” for attention. And very unsurprisingly, Wendy Williams had a say of the sexy photo.

“The Wendy Williams Show” host addressed the scandalous post in Monday, October 8 episode of her show. “People were going off calling her, ‘pathetic, desperate, sad.’ — I agree, agree and agree,” she said. “This picture is so unnecessary at a time where her husband is losing all his marbles.”

The 54-year-old host went on accusing the 37-year-old reality star of trying to divert people’s attention amid controversy surrounding husband Kanye West. “While he’s losing it, she’s trying to distract with pictures like this… we can’t forget about Kanye, because he’s everywhere, and not in a good way,” Wendy said to her audience.

The racy picture saw Kim sizzling in a tiny vintage Chanel bikini, leaving very little to the imagination. While some showered Kim with praises, some others were made it clear that they disliked the snap. “So desperate and there is noooo way her chest is that perky naturally after 2 kids and she lost all that weight. She looks great, yes but enough with the pics. We get it,” a fan wrote.

Another stated that it’s “time to unfollow Kim,” while one other said, “It’s really sad and that’s a call for desperate need of attention. You have three beautiful kids and a man that loves you. Be aware of your choices. You should be ashamed.”

This isn’t the first time Kim posted her picture in the itsy-bitsy bikini. On Monday, October 1, she shared an image of her wearing the black bikini while lying in bed and sticking her tongue out. People already slammed her at the time, with one writing, “Why though …. your a mother dressing like this.”

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