‘Watch out!’ James Jordan sparks concern as he shares ‘uncomfortable’ shingles diagnosis

James Jordan provides update on daughter Ella's health

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Former Strictly Come Dancing pro James Jordan, 43, has taken to Twitter to give a health update. The dancer, who has been diagnosed with shingles after returning from a holiday abroad, said he was feeling “uncomfortable”, but hopes his symptoms will improve soon. However, many fans were quick to share their concerns about how infectious James could have potentially been while flying home.

According to the NHS website, shingles is a painful rash caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. 

It is most common in slightly older people, though anyone can get it. 

James has recently been enjoying some time off after uploading a picture with his, and wife Ola Jordan’s, baby daughter Ella on March 18. 

The star said he would be “travelling with (my) baby girl”.

He didn’t specify where the family would be going, however. 

Yesterday, James told his 309,300 followers he had returned to the UK. 

He wrote: “Home from an amazing family holiday. 

“Straight to docs and it’s been confirmed I do actually have shingles like most of you suggested.

“It’s pretty uncomfortable not going to lie but hopefully will start to get better soon…. 

“Many of you been asking how it is.”

“Thanks guys.”

Fans expressed their worries over James’ condition in the comments section of his tweet.

@Leachsie said: “I hope you but you got checked before you flew home as you have risked passing it chicken pox virus to others on your flight if you were at infectious stage unless you took precautions. 

“Watch out Ella doesnt get chicken pox over next few weeks.

@Sweettrees61 said: “James ..i caught shingles last August….wouldnt wish it on anyone……

“Its left its mark, all these months later,i still dont feel like the old me…..

“Im tired ,lost enthusiasm for doing anything,and been told it can last for ages,although the rash goes,and the pain improves x.”

The news follows on from last week, during which James discovered he was developing “a painful rash.”

The star asked for fans’ advice at the time. 

The former Strictly professional said he had a “painful rash on one side of my back in my belt line”.

He added he had a similar pain on the thigh of his right leg, which wasn’t as bad. 

He then asked fans what they thought, speculating that it could be shingles. 

The dancer also considered that it might be a heat rash. 

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