Was Zayn Trolling Nicki Minaj in the Middle of Dropping Another Hit-or-Miss Single?

Gigi Hadid’s brooding recluse boyfriend Zayn Malik decided to drop his latest single called “Fingers” today, seeming to continue his recent run of releasing music on his own chaotic schedule without much label, radio or personal promotional support to back it up. An old-school R&B take on heartache and lost love, “Fingers” becomes the third single — after “Sour Diesel” and Timbaland collab “Too Much” — officially slated to be on Zayn’s as yet unscheduled-for-release second album.

However, late last night, ahead of the anticipated launch of his new single this morning, Zayn stirred up controversy by tweeting out a message on his feed to rapper Cardi B:

It had been reported for a while now that Zayn was getting ready to release an already-recorded collaboration featuring Cardi B’s arch-rival, Nicki Minaj. However, for some reason, that collab with Nicki seems to have gotten held up. So maybe Zayn’s message was written to Cardi B in frustration about the hold up, and might be read as an offer of the track to Cardi B.

Or, as some fans seem to think, Zayn may actually be the one refusing to release the track. The logic on this goes that maybe Zayn got upset after he learned about Nicki’s current collab with his ex Perrie Edwards’ group, Little Mix; Perrie and the other members of Little Mix have publicly trashed Zayn over the years for how he handled the break up with his ex.

Either way, Zayn’s fan’s picked up on the possible diss to Nicki, and began a tweet storm about it.

Below we have Zayn’s new track, as well as some of the tweets fans had remembering the former 1-D member’s supposed collab with Nicki.

(Image source: Zayn Instagram account)

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