Want to write The Queen’s letters? Buckingham Palace is recruiting

The Queen is looking for someone to help her get through the thousands of well-wishers and requests she has to reply to every day.

Future employees may have to deal with queries about the recent BBC documentary or perhaps sending Christmas cards to grandsons Prince Harry and Prince William on behalf of Her Majesty.

On the job searching website LinkedIn, The Royal Household have posted a job advertising the role of Assistant Correspondence Officer. Although the salary for the job is currently undisclosed.

The job is described as: "Working in a team with a shared and unique purpose, engaging with the public whilst supporting The Queen's role. This is what makes working for The Royal Household so exceptional."

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The vacancy advert continues: "Thousands of letters addressed to the Royal Household are received each year. Working as part of the Correspondence Unit, your challenge will be to ensure that each and every one receives a timely and well composed response."

In a momentous time for the Royal family, potential employees can look forward to experiencing first hand what messages the public send in to Buckingham Palace.

The post states: "Every day you will respond to letters sent by the public in answer to various and often unique queries as well as general messages of good wishes."

Anyone applying for such a role may be concerned about whether they are suitable for the job but, according to the Royal Household, anyone is invited to join their diverse workforce.

The online post boasts: "We are a truly diverse organisation – not just in the range of people who work here, but also in the careers that we offer. Alongside the roles you may expect, you’ll find everything from HR, Finance and IT professionals to Engineers, Curators and Chefs. They all work as one towards a shared and unique purpose."

With Christmas, New Year and BBC documentaries around the corner, whoever gets the job will have to make sure they have plenty of ink in their quill.

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