Viral Video Shows Dance Floor Collapsing Underneath Packed College Party

The video you are seeing (above) comes from Clemson University in South Carolina, where this weekend, the clubhouse floor of an apartment building collapsed during a packed dance party filled with students.

The first floor dance area ended up collapsing without warning into the basement of the apartment — a shocking thing to watch here, of course, but at least we can also report that authorities say there were NO life-threatening injuries involved.

About 30 people ended up being taken to the hospital for various injuries and issues related to the fall, but thankfully, no deaths. Not a tragedy…. just, super unsettling. Yikes.

Another look at the aftermath of the collapse (below):

So scary!!

And all those people getting close to the edge and filming instead of helping, or you know, leaving the collapsed floor… uh, OK?! That’s a CHOICE…

Just thankful no one died in the collapse!

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