Vinnie Vincent Performs KISS Songs At Miami Show

Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent played three KISS songs along with Four by Fate at the pre-KISS Kruise party at the Hangar Nightclub in Miami, Florida on October 30.

Vincent performed three songs: “Lick It Up,” “I Love It Loud” and “Cold Gin.” He also wore the “Ankh Warrior” makeup for his guest appearance.

Vincent has made several public appearances this year after spending the past two decades in seclusion.

Vincent’s first official full-length comeback concerts will take place on December 7 and 8 at the Graceland Hotel in Memphis. The event will consist of an acoustic set featuring KISS and Vinnie Vincent Invasion songs, with a special guest appearance by former VVI singer Robert Fleischman.

Vincent is also rumored to be forming a new band of his own. He is also trying to trademark the logo “Vinnie Vincent’s Kiss.”

Vincent joined KISS in 1982. He left the band in 1984 and eventually sued them for royalties to the song “Lick It Up.”

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