Video Shows Henry Ruggs Sobbing Uncontrollably on the Ground After Fatal Car Crash

Police report, meanwhile, reveals the former Las Vegas Raiders player was uncooperative with cops and hospital staff who tried to help him, and ‘slurred’ his speech.

AceShowbizHenry Ruggs III appeared to have had an emotional breakdown just seconds after the fatal car crash that killed a woman and a dog. The NFL star was seen sobbing uncontrollably and yelling on the ground in a video taken after he slammed his Corvette into the back of a Rav4 on Tuesday morning, November 2 at 3:39 A.M. in Las Vegas.

The footage, obtained by TMZ, shows Henry and his girlfriend Kiara Washington locked in a hug while sitting near a sidewalk while the Rav4 was engulfed in flames. Kiara was heard trying to comfort her boyfriend as saying, “OK. OK, here. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

But that didn’t help as the 22-year-old responded, “F***!!! Stop yelling!!!” Kiara was then sent into a panic as the athlete appeared to drift in and lose his consciousness. “Can we get help?!?” she yelled. “Can you please help him!?! He is knocked unconscious!”

Henry then seemed to become alerted and began crying as his girlfriend still held his head. As she screamed for help again, an onlooker assured that the help was “coming.” During the almost-two-minute video, loud voice of bang that seemingly came from the car in flames was heard several times.

Meanwhile, surveillance video footage obtained from the Vizcaya Apartments near the scene of the crash captured a car, believed to be Henry’s, speeding and passing other vehicles like lightning. As reported before, he traveled 156 MPH with blood alcohol level of 0.161, two times the legal limit.

The accident happened on Rainbow Boulevard near Spring Valley Parkway. Henry was traveling at “a high rate of speed” before he veered into the right lane of a three-lane road and slammed into the back the Toyota, authorities said based on early investigation. Both cars rolled over 500 feet after the initial impact and the Rav4 caught on fire.

Several bystanders tried to pull Tina O. Tintor, who was in the Toyota, and put out the blaze with a fire extinguisher, but she was stuck in the car. She was pronounced dead at the scene. In addition to the 23-year-old woman, she had a dog in the car that also died.

According to police report, Henry refused to submit to an evidentiary blood test, before a judge approved a warrant for a blood draw at University Medical Center. He was uncooperative and yelled at police and hospital staff who tried to help him, telling police to “get him out of here.”

“When I asked Ruggs to clarify, he just repeated, ‘home, home,’ and then began mumbling,” the officer wrote in the report, noting his speech was slurred and he mumbled. The officer described his speech as “not understandable” and his attitude as “unresponsive.”

Meanwhile, the family of the woman killed in the accident has spoken up. Tina’s brother Djorde Tintor said their parents are “destroyed” after the tragedy. “I almost can’t even look at them,” he said of his parents. “Every time I look at them it just breaks my heart.”

An attorney hired by the Tintor family also released a statement on Thursday, November 4. “Tina’s tragic loss has devastated her family beyond a grief they could ever comprehend,” the statement read. “Family was everything to Tina, and she was the light of her parents’ life. Tina lived in Las Vegas since she was a baby. She loved her 3-year-old Golden Retriever, Max, who passed alongside her Tuesday morning.”

“The Tintor family appreciates privacy as they mourn. May Tina rest in peace,” the attorney, Farhan Naqvi, added. “No further statements will be made from the family at this time.”

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