Veteran Actor Colin Egglesfield Gives The Inside Scoop On Exactly How Hollywood Is Changing – Exclusive

Colin Egglesfield scored his first TV role in 2000, and he’s been working pretty much non-stop since then. Unsurprisingly, the actor has seen a lot of changes take place in the entertainment industry over the past two decades, and the coronavirus pandemic has only made making movies and TV shows all the more difficult. As of this writing,  Egglesfield — who many will recognize as Dex from the romantic comedy Something Borrowed  is promoting his new film, 100 Days to Live, a psychological thriller that keeps viewers guessing right until the end.

When Nicki Swift caught up with Egglesfield for an exclusive interview, the actor revealed that making movies is a very different process from when he started out. “The studios are just going through kind of a transformation in the sense that because of the pandemic and just with the advent of people’s home theater systems at home, the amount of people that were going to the box office was slowly declining,” he explained. Egglesfield also opened up about whether or not the long-awaited sequel to Something Borrowed, known as Something Blue, will ever actually get made.

Colin Egglesfield has seen the movie industry evolve

Colin Egglesfield knows that a lot of people recognize him for his role as Dex in 2011’s Something Borrowed, a romantic comedy co-starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson and John Krasinski, which was based on the book of the same name by Emily Giffin. While the author penned a sequel called Something Blue and has been vocal about trying to get a second movie made, Egglesfield isn’t sure if, or when, that might come to fruition. 

“The film industry has changed quite a bit in the sense that most movies are now made by Netflix and some of these bigger budget films are made by these streaming platforms,” Egglesfield told Nicki Swift. “And it’s a shame because I just used to love going on dates with a girl to a movie and nowadays people don’t really do that anymore.”

As for why the Something Borrowed sequel has had an uphill struggle, Egglesfield said, “They say the main demographic of audience member is a 17-year-old boy, and I can see it because a 17-year-old kid, you want to get out of the house, you don’t want to be around mom and dad. And so you’ll go and see these superhero adventure movies.” Basically, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is (probably) 100% responsible for why the Something Borrowed sequel has yet to grace our screens.

Colin Egglesfield doesn't have good news for rom-com lovers

While big budget romantic comedies used to regularly hit movie theaters, times have changed. It’s been a decade since Something Borrowed got its big screen release, and though Colin Egglesfield may be known for playing a dreamy rom-com lead, movie studios have different priorities these days. “The studios are catering to the demographic that is going to the movie theaters in the most amount, in the most numbers, which is the 17-year-old boy demographic,” Egglesfield told Nicki Swift. “And that doesn’t mean that other people don’t go to movie theaters, but unfortunately the whole romantic comedy genre has sort of shifted into the online space. And on the Hallmark Channel, there’s a new romantic movie or Christmas romance movie every day.”

All that being said, Dex fans will surely be relieved to hear that the team behind Something Borrowed hasn’t completely given up on getting a sequel made just yet. “Emily [Giffin] and the producers of Something Borrowed are still pressing and trying to figure out a way to make Something Blue happen, but I do like [the] idea about Rachel and Dex just having their own movie or their own show,” the Rizzoli & Isles actor said. “I think at this point, we would probably have five kids, we’d maybe have our own reality show, who knows.”

Colin Egglesfield needs a home for his latest pilot

As well as having his new movie 100 Days to Live coming out, Colin Egglesfield has been busy working on new projects behind the scenes. A quick scan of IMDb reveals that Egglesfield filmed a pilot called Puckheads, but it’s unclear whether or not the show will make it any further at this point. “I play a minor league hockey coach and it was a super fun script to have been a part of,” Egglesfield told Nicki Swift. “Unfortunately, we took it to a bunch of different networks and nowadays everything has to be high concept. And it’s not enough to just have a TV show about a bunch of guys who are trying to make it in minor league hockey.”

As Egglesfield explained, there were a plethora of reasons networks weren’t immediately sold on Puckheads. “They’re like, ‘Well, maybe if there was a lesbian hockey player that was in there too, or I don’t know, maybe if you had an Indian family that came in and bought the hockey team and they had known nothing about hockey.” He continued, “Everything now has to be so different and outside of the box that it’s hard to just do something that a lot of people just consider mainstream nowadays so, unfortunately, we just haven’t found a home yet for Puckheads.”

While it’s undeniable that the industry has changed a lot since Egglesfield’s career started, we’ve got our fingers crossed that the Something Borrowed sequel one day makes it to our screens.

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