Ukraine's Elderly Get Helping Hands As They're Evacuated From War Zone

The exodus from Ukraine is heartbreaking on so many levels — more than a million-and-a-half people fleeing their homeland as Putin viciously bombs civilian and other targets.

The struggle to leave is especially hard on the elderly … but their fellow Ukrainians are doing everything in their power to help them with safe passage.

These images are extremely compelling and powerful, and underscore the humanity within the borders of Ukraine.

Elderly citizens are crossing the border in wheelchairs, walkers and whatever other means that are available. As harrowing as it seems — literally using wheelbarrows to get the infirmed out of harm’s way — it’s necessary and it’s working.

Seeing soldiers and civilians carry some of the elderly on piggy-back is as inspiring as it is desperate.

This is being played out over and over as the war escalates. It’s beyond sad to know a lot of these people have got to be wondering if they’ll ever return to the place they were born and lived their lives.

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