Tyron Woodley Says No One Wanted To See Paul v. Fury, Our Rematch Is Bigger

Tyron Woodley says it was actually a blessing Tommy Fury got hurt and had to pull out of his December 18 fight with Jake Paul — because nobody wanted to see that crap!!!

Hey, T-Wood said it … not us.

TMZ Sports talked to the 39-year-old future UFC Hall of Famer just days before he’s set to step in the ring with the Problem Child, and Woodley tells us the real winners here are the viewers.

“Nobody wants to see no f***ing Tommy Fury fight, come on now,” Tyron tells us, saying, “Now his brother is lit. But, he can’t ride the coattails of Tyson.”

TW went on to say that Fury may go on to have a solid boxing career … but as of right now,  he simply doesn’t present the same threats as Woodley.

So, when we asked Tyron if he was a more difficult opponent … he didn’t hesitate.

“Of course I am, s***. That’s why he took [the Fury] fight instead. He made a double wager and then didn’t honor it because s***, why would he go back and give me the chance to finish off what I started now that I’ve been in there with him.”

Of course, Tyron and Jake scrapped back in August … a fight that the YouTuber turned boxing star won by split decision (Woodley wholeheartedly believes he won the fight).

Since, Woodley has all but demanded a rematch … but Paul shot him down. That is until Tommy pulled out of the fight last week with a chest infection and broken ribs, per his reps.

So, Tyron’s in … and this time he says he will not leave things up to the judges.

“I just feel like, definitely, I can’t leave any doubt.”

The fight goes down on Showtime PPV in just 6 days!!! 💪💪💪

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