Twenty One Pilots Launch ‘Never-Ending’ ‘Level Of Concern’ Video

Twenty One Pilots have launched a “never-ending” music video for “Level of Concern” that contains a mash-up of footage from the original video intercut with an endless loop of snippets from fan-submitted visuals. Fans can upload footage to become part of the clip.

Twenty One Pilots duo, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, have asked fans to get creative by sending them footage, art and dances in order to take part in their new continuous music video.

While launching the video, Twenty One Pilots said, “We didn’t think you would tear through the codes so easily. should have taken a week but you did it in just over 12 hours. you got us this time,” referencing their previous scavenger hunt that required fans to solve a complicated puzzle. “Now join in with your footage, your art, your dances, and be a part of the first ever never-ending music video.”

“Welcome to the first ever, never-ending music video. Every 3 minutes and 40 seconds, an all new Never-Ending Level of Concern will play with videos you submit,” reads an explanation on their website.
“Dance, animate, dress up, get creative, be weird and have fun.”

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