True-Crime Podcast 'Lost Hills' Investigates Mysterious Malibu Campground Murder

A new podcast, Lost Hills, will explore a series of strange shootings at a state park in Malibu, California, one of which ended with the murder of a 35-year-old father in front of his two kids. The eight-part series, hosted by journalist Dana Goodyear and produced by Western Sound and Pushkin Industries, will premiere March 16th.

As Goodyear lays out in the new trailer for Lost Hills, the show is centered around the murder of Tristan Beaudette, the father who was killed June 22nd, 2018 while camping with his two young daughters in Malibu Creek State Park. Although there were no witnesses or suspects, after Beaudette’s death, other people started coming forward with stories of being shot at near the same campground.

Ultimately, sheriff’s deputies arrested a drifter named Anthony Rauda and charged him with Beaudette’s murder, the prior shootings and a string of armed burglaries. But what seemed like an open-and-shut case grew increasingly tangled: Not only did Rauda claim he was being framed, but as Goodyear suggests at the end of the trailer, the cops may have been able to stop Baudette’s murder.

A release for Lost Hills offers a few more details about the show, including that it will feature new information about the crimes at Malibu Creek State Park, uncover secrets kept by law enforcement and even “smoking gun evidence” missed by deputies. Lost Hills will also boast new interviews with law enforcement, family members of Baudette and Rauda, and victims of other shootings.

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