Tommy Lee, 59, shocks fans as full-frontal nude picture appears on his Instagram

Followers of actor Tommy Lee have been left shocked as a very graphic image appeared on his Instagram page.

The Motley Crue star, 59, has been firmly in the spotlight in recent months following the release of Disney+ show Pam and Tommy.

Now the musician is making headlines again – after a full-frontal nude photo was posted to his social media.

On Thursday, a photograph appeared on Tommy’s Instagram with the caption ‘Ooooopppsss.’

It showed a naked Tommy sitting at the side of what appeared to be a pool, with many of his tattoos – and other things – visible.

The image was posted less than three hours ago but has already had thousands of commenters sharing their shock at the graphic nature of the snap, with one person writing ‘TOM YOU CANT POST THIS ON INSTAGRAM.’

It’s unclear how exactly the hugely private snap came to be on the site, whether Tommy posted it himself or whether it was on purpose or by accident, but one thing is for sure – it’s had a reaction.

Brittany Furlan Lee, a former Vibe star and comedian, commented: ‘OH MY GOD,’ while TikTok star Daniel Mac asked: ‘How long will this stay up.’

Instagram is extremely strict when it comes to nudity on the site, and Daniel wasn’t the only asking how the graphic photo slipped through.

Shortly after Tommy’s post broke the internet, another photo appeared on his page showing an elephant and a naked man (shown from the back this time).

The lighthearted image had a speech bubble from the elephant asking the man: ‘How do you breathe through that little thing?’

Fans weren’t easily distracted however, with most of the comments a variation on one question: What just happened?

‘We need answers,’ one person wrote.

‘So we just gon pretend nothing happened huh (sic),’ another said.

‘Are we going to act as if nothing happened two hours ago?!?!!’ one wrote, with another adding: ‘Instagram guidelines said idgaf today.’

One concerned fan advised simply: ‘Tommy go to sleep.’

Weirdly, it’s not the first time Tommy’s, er, private part has made headlines recently.

This is thanks to a bizarre scene in the TV adaptation of his life which stars Lily James and Sebastian Stan.

One of the more bizarre scenes, which had viewers utterly stunned, shows Tommy having a heart-to-heart with his, ahem, animatronic member, which is narrated by Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Jason Mantzoukas, over his intense feelings for Pamela.

ITV chat show host Lorraine Kelly spoke about the shocking moment on live TV, as she told Good Morning Britain hosts Ranvir Singh and Ben Shephard: ‘There’s a talking penis!’

‘You have to see it to believe it. And [the show] kind of revitalised Pamela’s career.’

‘I missed that bit,’ Ben admitted, while Lorraine looked utterly bewildered.

‘How could you possibly miss the willy that talked?!’ she questioned. has reached out to reps for Tommy for comment.

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