‘The World’s Best’ Lands Post-Super Bowl 2019 Spot on CBS

CBS has announced that their brand new show, The World’s Best, will have the coveted post-Super Bowl slot this year!

The new show will air directly after the 2019 Super Bowl at approximately 10pm ET, depending on post-show coverage.

James Corden is the executive producer and host of the show, with panel of judges including Drew Barrymore, Drag Race host RuPaul Charles and musician Faith Hill.

The show is billed as a “one-of-a-kind talent competition series featuring elite acts from around the world.” In addition, “Performers will not only have to impress the American judges, but will also need to impress the “wall of the world,” featuring 50 experts from around the world and every field of entertainment to advance through the competition.”

It’s unknown which 2 teams will be competing in the Super Bowl just yet. Stay tuned!

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