The Sussexes ‘are clearly desperate not to be excluded’ in the Platinum Jubbly??

Did anyone get the feeling that the British royal commentators were actually quite surprised that the Sussexes confirmed they would attend the Platinum Jubbly with their children? They had all of their “why won’t they come back/they’re scared/they’re disrespecting the Queen” talking points ready, so they had to reel themselves in and come out in full blast for “why it’s a bad thing the Sussexes are coming, actually.” The reason for why it’s “bad”? Harry, Meghan, Archie and Lili will get too much attention! They’ll overshadow the Queen! Those same people are gleeful at the idea that the Sussexes are being “snubbed” for the balcony wave sh-t.

Tom Bower told MailOnline: ‘They have been forced to accept a downgraded role – grouped with all the other VIPs – but are clearly desperate not to be excluded. If the Palace is not remarkably careful, the Sussexes will milk the celebrations for their own benefit. Hopefully, the Sussexes will be kept firmly in check to avoid their selfish interests dominating the celebration of the Queen’s awe-inspiring service to Britain.’

Royal author Angela Levin said the Queen had made a ‘great decision’ to restrict the balcony to working royals, adding: ‘It will have such a different positive atmosphere if there are working royals who support Her Majesty.’ On the Sussexes’ decision to attend other events she said: ‘The focus will be on them and how they behave, which the Jubilee shouldn’t be about’.

Richard Fitzwilliams, another commentator, added: ‘There was [a danger] in the run up to it if this hadn’t been settled. I expect there will be an element of this in the US coverage. However though there will still be a lot of speculation about what they will attend and what they will do, this is about one person. It is the Queen’s wish that they attend. Although when they planned to do the Oprah interview they didn’t know Prince Philip would be ill, they nonetheless went ahead. That won’t be forgotten. But the Queen wants the family to put on a united front. A huge amount has gone on behind the scenes to achieve this.’

[From The Daily Mail]

“Clearly desperate not to be excluded” – the Queen personally invited them and there have been moves, behind the scenes, to guarantee their protection while in England. This isn’t Harry and Meghan throwing themselves at the Queen, begging for her acceptance. This is the Queen requesting their presence and doing the most to ensure their presence. “I expect there will be an element of this in the US coverage.” Paranoia, thy name is the Daily Mail. Another royal commentator pointed out that given Buckingham Palace is currently undergoing a massive renovation, it’s simply wise to not have too many people trampling around an active construction site, and that’s why the Sussexes were cut from the Trooping balcony. Which makes so much sense, it hurts.

I still believe that, given the timing of the two announcements, Harry likely refused to participate in the fakakta balcony wave, and Buckingham Palace is spinning it as “he wasn’t invited.” Harry has made it abundantly clear that he’s coming back for his grandmother, and all he cares about is getting some time with her and introducing his children to her. Which isn’t to say that Harry and Meghan won’t make *any* public appearances. Palace sources have told royal reporters that the Sussexes are invited to the service of thanksgiving at St. Paul’s Cathedral. They are likely to be invited to the Derby at Epsom Downs (a horse race). And it’s likely that the Sussexes – plus the York princesses – will take part in something for the final Jubbly day, Sunday, June 5th, where there’s going to be some kind of pageant or parade or something.

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