The Sussexes also met an Invictus service dog named Loki in Dusseldorf

Here are more photos of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Dusseldorf on Tuesday for the Invictus Games’ “One Year To Go” event. It was cool that they did this little ceremony, and it looks like hundreds of people came out to see Harry and Meghan. Meghan got to talk to a dog too! The dog’s name is Loki and he seemed to enjoy his time with Harry & Meghan. Loki is a service dog and he wore an Invictus bandana.

Hilariously, the way the Sussexes scheduled this trip was brilliant. They stayed undercover in Windsor over the weekend while the British tabloids published all of these reports about Prince Charles and Prince William REFUSING to see them and how Meghan had slapped the Queen with words and ideas. Then the Sussexes breezed into Manchester, Meghan did her speech and Harry supported her, then they were out. The Mail ran dozens of articles crying and screaming about Manchester while Meghan and Harry were already on the ground in Dusseldorf. The Sussexes looked booked, busy, breezy and unbothered, while the British media looks obsessive, racist, nitpicky and stalkerish.

All of which to say, I’m not going to cover all of the crap those people are crying about beyond this post. Remember how the Mail was obsessed with counting the Sussexes’ bathrooms, and then the Mail had to count the words in Meghan’s The Cut profile? Well, now the Mail is counting the number of times Meghan said “I” in her Manchester speech. Deranged. Nigel Farage also called Meghan a “nobody,” which is pretty rich coming from the dumbass cozying up to the American fascists. I said yesterday that the British tabloids are incontinent with rage that Meghan said it was “nice” to be back in the UK too. Piers Morgan was practically crying with fury over that alone. So much for the narrative that Harry and Meghan are nobodies and no one pays attention to them, I guess.

Oh, and I love her trousers. I’ve been dying for the slim-cut to go out of style, and I’m especially over jegging and joggers. Bring back wide-legged everything!!

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Cover Images.

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