The shocking number of deaths of Qatar World Cup 2022 stadium workers

A trade union leader has revealed the shocking extent of deaths of workers building stadiums for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Qatar has come in for strong criticism over human rights and the treatment of migrant workers.

There are set to be eight stadiums in use for the tournament with organisers desperately trying to get them ready for four year’s time.

It is unclear quite how many workers have died in building stadiums for the World Cup but Hans-Christian Gabrielsen, Leader of Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions, has offered a frightening insight.

"If we were to hold a minute of silence for every estimated death of a migrant worker due to the constructions of the Qatar World Cup, the first 44 matches of the tournament would be played in silence," he said.

"The stories of the workers in Qatar are unfortunately not unique. It is the everyday life of hundreds of thousands of migrant workers around the world."

The total of 44 matches is almost the whole of the group stages at a World Cup, with only the final four matches not affected.

The Qatar World Cup will be the first not to be held in the summer with matches due to get underway on November 21.

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