‘The Challenge’ Recap: An Injury Sends 1 Team Home As 2 More Fight Back From Redemption

Two teams fight their way back into the main house on the Oct. 16 episode of ‘The Challenge: Final Reckoning,’ but it’s not without some major politicking and drama. Here’s our recap!

The Oct. 16 episode of The Challenge: Final Reckoning kicks off with the elimination challenge between Cara Maria and Marie and Shane and Nelson. The challenge requires both team members to bash through walls in a maze, meet up at a box, and unlock it. Although Cara and Marie put up a good fight, Shane and Nelson come out on top, keeping their spot in the game. This is bad news for Johnny Bananas and Tony, who are left with no allies left in the main house, as Cara and Marie are sent to the Redemption House. Meanwhile, the tension between former friends, Shane and Marie, has escalated.

When Cara arrives at Redemption, she makes it clear that she’s playing for girl power, and will choose the other all-girl team, Kam and Kayleigh, to go against in elimination if she and Marie pull the double cross. Her ex, Kyle, catches wind of this, and urges her not to trust Kayleigh because of her relationship with Nelson, a member of the opposing alliance. Kayleigh thought she had a pact with Kyle, so she’s pissed to learn that he was trying to jeopardize her spot in the competition behind her back.

Finally, it’s time for the double cross — and this week four teams are going into elimination, with two earning a spot back in the main house. Kyle and Brad and Kam and Kayleigh pull the double cross, which means they’ll get to pick their opponents at Armageddon. Whichever teams aren’t picked, are automatically sent home. Before the elimination, though, there’s major drama back at the Redemption House when Kam and Kayleigh call Kyle out for saying they can’t be trusted. It turns into a pretty vicious verbal argument, and Brad even steps in and throws some pretty hurtful words Kayleigh’s way while defending his partner.

Meanwhile, Zach and Amanda still can’t seem to put aside their differences, and they remain at odds over whose alliance to play the game with. It turns out it doesn’t matter, though, because after a doctor examines Zach’s face following the injury he sustained during an elimination challenge, it’s determined that he broke a bone and can’t physically continue. Zach and Amanda are sent home without a shot at winning their way back in.

At Armageddon, Kam and Kayleigh decide to go against Cara and Marie, while Brad and Kyle opt to take on Paulie and Natalie. That means Jozea and Da’Vonne are automatically heading home. In the first match up between the ladies, Cara and Marie pull out the win. The second match up is a bit more intense, but Natalie and Paulie pull through and get the win.

This is good news for Bananas and Tony, who now have some players on their side in the main house once again. Meanwhile, Kam, Kayleigh, Brad and Kyle are back to the Redemption House to wait and see if they can win their way back in on another day. The episode doesn’t end without some drama, though — Kayleigh fills Nelson in on the fight she had with Brad, and Nelson confronts Brad about it at Armageddon. Suddenly, a new vendetta has formed!

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