That Definitely Is A Face That Says, "Guess Who's Having Prince Hot Ginge's Royal Baby, Bitch!!!"

Because Duchess Meghan just had to find another way to make us hard-up, desperate, pathetic Prince Hot Ginge-lovers seethe with jealousy by letting us know that she bareback bones him on the regular, she has announced today that she’s pregnant with the seventh in line to the British throne. But I may not be the only one whose chonies are twisted up in a knot of hate over this news. The bloomers of Princess Eugenie and The Original Fergie™ might be too, because the BBC says that Duchess Meghan and Prince Hot Ginge told THE QUEEN and other first tier royals the baby news on Friday at Eugenie’s wedding at Windsor Castle. No, I’m sure that Princess Eugenie and Fergie are just oh-so-happy with this news and will send 37-year-old Meghan and 34-year-old PHG a congratulations bouquet with a note saying that they should name their child Prince or Princess Attention Whore Of Sussex since the fetus stole poor Eugenie’s spotlight! I love it.

It seemed pretty clear to many that Meghan locked it down when she didn’t take her coat off during Eugenie’s wedding. And it became really clear when she held two binders over her baby growing area when she and PHG arrived in Sydney today for the Invictus Games. Meghan probably didn’t want to spend most of her trip to Australia trying to find ways to cover up her stomach, so Kensington Palace made the news official this morning.

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