Teyonah Parris’ mom looks up all the WandaVision theories and sends them to her

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Teyonah Parris was on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week promoting the show that needs absolutely no promotion, WandaVision. I didn’t know this but Disney+ crashed last Thursday at midnight because everyone was trying to get on to watch the new episode! You could tell that Jimmy loves WandaVision and Marvel because he’s been pressing all of his guests from that show to give spoilers. When he interviewed Kat Dennings and Elizabeth Olsen I got the impression that they didn’t know spoilers at the deep level that fans might want, but Teyona might. Teyonah plays Monica Rambeau, who just came into her powers this last episode. She talked to Jimmy about that, along with the fact that she’s aware of the Easter eggs because her mom sends them to her!

On Monica Rambeau’s powers
Monica can absorb energy in the comics. It is yet to be revealed just exactly what it is in the MCU. We get a taste of the fact that there is something that is changed and we have to stay tuned to find out exactly how that will manifest itself, but in the comics she absorbs all energy in the electromagnetic spectrum.

On if she reads the fan theories
I look at the stuff people tag me in on Instagram, but as far as the theories I don’t have to go online because my mother sends me everything – the Easter eggs, the theories. She’s gotten out of control. She is on a mission. I call her “conspiracy cookie.” I’m not telling her anything, I’m not going to spoil it, she would actually be very upset if I did. But it’s very interesting, she will send them all to me.

On her mom’s reaction to the last episode
She was so into it, just the glowing, the reveal for Kathryn Hahn’s character. Also there was [an earlier] theory about the aerospace engineer. I’m like ‘so mom what about that theory?’
‘It’s not over. Anyways, we’ve moved past that.’
‘Who is we?’
‘Me and the Internet friends and people. We’ve had these theories and thoughts and now we’ve moved past that.’

On if she’s a fan of the MCU and knows about the comics
I only know because my mom sends it to me and when I don’t want to read it, she’ll read it to me. I did get introduced to Monica, her character, years ago when fans started fan casting me for the role on Twitter. They started tagging me, [I looked her up] and I realized she’s a badass, she’s pretty cool, she will probably never see the light of day. Then when they introduced her in Captain Marvel as a young girl that Akira Akbar played I was like ‘Ok, we might be getting somewhere.’

I worked with Matt Shakman who is the director for WandaVision on MadMen. MadMen was my very first time recurring on TV so that’s a pretty cool full circle moment.

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I won’t get too deep into it, because I don’t understand it, but Kimmel kept pressing Teyonah about the engineer theories that her mom mentioned. Apparently there’s a theory that WandaVision set up the origin for the Fantastic Four with a comment that Tyler Hayward made to Monica about the astronaut training program. Opinions vary about whether that was the case.

How cute is it that her mom is reading all the Easter eggs and theories and sending them to her? My mom would do that. I also love that her mom calls them her Internet friends, because my mom is like that too. She’ll call YouTube and TikTok personalities her friends, and they are in a way. Everyone is on our phone and we feel like they’re our friends. Honestly when people tell me they listen to our podcast and feel like we’re our friends, I feel the same. Anyone who will listen to me talk smack for a half hour every week is my friend. We have whole communities online around our interests too. I call my Twitter peeps my friends and they definitely are, I’ve known many for years.

Oh and Jimmy asked Teyonah if her mom brags about her. She said she has the Monica Rambeau shirt hanging on the wall in her office at work and will wait for people to ask about it. That’s sweet that she does that. She also confirmed that she’s going to be in the next Captain Marvel movie.

I can’t wait to see what’s next in WandaVision. What show are they going to imitate? They’re up to current day now, right? I’m thinking they’ll do a tribute to black-ish because that’s on ABC, which is owned by Disney, and that’s the most popular family sitcom now.

Here’s that interview!

After I saw this video I googled “silk trench coats.” All the results were too pricey for me, but someday!

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Teyonah with her mom in Mykonos before lockdown. How young is her mom? Damn!

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