‘Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer Reveals Whether She & Jeremy Calvert Will Ever Get Back Together

As fans continue to beg Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert to get back together, we spoke to Leah EXCLUSIVELY about the chances of a romantic reconciliation.

“There’s not a future for Jeremy [Calvert] and I,” Leah Messer told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “I love Jeremy as my child [Addie]’s father. I care about him. I always will. We’re really good friends. I truly believe that we’ll always be great friends, but that doesn’t happen when we’re in a relationship together. We just are in different places in our lives right now and I don’t think that we are great as partners in a relationship. However, we are great as friends!” Leah and Jeremy were not on the best of terms when they first split in 2015, but they’ve grown as friends in the years since.

Recently, there’s been hope that the two could be getting back together, though. After filming part one of the season nine reunion for Teen Mom 2, in early 2019, Leah, who will release her book Hope, Grace & Faith this May, admittedly hooked up with Jeremy. Then, during a Nov. 2019 episode of Teen Mom 2, Jeremy asked Leah out on a dinner date. However, it never transpired into anything further, and Leah is spending time focusing on her daughters (in addition to Addie, she also has twins, Ali and Aleeah, with her ex, Corey Simms). “[Dating] is not a priority,” she admitted. “It’s not something that I’m looking to do. I’m definitely dating, I guess you can say — I talk to guys. But being exclusive is definitely not [happening].  If I just magically meet the right person? Great. But it’s not my focus. My focus is my kids.”

In general, Leah said that she’s unsure about what she wants from the future. “I’m living truly in the moment and enjoying every moment that I’m in now,” she revealed. “I would love to be married one day again, of course. I don’t know about kids. I look at my girls now…and Addie’s [already] seven. They’re so big and independent, and I think about college tuitions and things like that now. I just really don’t know! Whatever happens, happens. It’s not something that I’m planning or putting too much thought in. I hope I meet the right person one day, but if not, I’m happy either way.”

Leah got pregnant with Ali and Aleeah when she was still in high school. She and Corey tied the knot in October 2010, but the wedded bliss was short-lived. Leah admitted to cheating on Corey in April 2011, and two months later, they split. She started dating Jeremy at the end of that summer, and they got married in April 2012. Addie was born just under a year later, but Jeremy and Leah broke up in June 2015.

Meanwhile, when it comes to any rumors that Leah is pregnant with her fourth child — she’s making it clear that they’re NOT true. “You have to have sex to get pregnant, so that’s something that’s not happening for me right now,” she concluded. “So yeah, I’m definitely not pregnant! I am not pregnant and do not plan on being pregnant any time soon.”

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