Tara Reid And Her Little Dog Got Kicked Off Of A Flight For Causing A "Disturbance"

Tara Reid may not be able to book any acting jobs that don’t include co-starring with deadly CGI sharks, but she can still afford a commercial flight on Delta Airlines for some reason. Although I guess she can’t afford to act like a normal person, because even though she has a basic cable bank account, she has a Scarlett Johansson attitude.

TMZ says that things got rocky for Tara aboard her Delta Flight 613 from LAX to NYC right from the jump off. According to them, yesterday afternoon, Tara was “pissed and loudly complained about being given the wrong seat.” Wow, can you imagine giving the woman who played April Wexler in Sharknado 1 through 5 the wrong seat? That’s a faux-pas. Well, those nasty flight attendants upped the ante by then not giving Tara a pillow! Can you imagine the nerve of these flight attendants? Not very attentive to Ms. Tara!

The flight crew decided they had been callously unkind to the actress and legend known as Tara Reid, and they tried to defuse the situation. But it was too late! The pilot turned the plane around, even though they had already pushed back from the gate, and announced he was bringing this shit back to the airport for a “customer service issue”.  That issue being: sending Tara packing. No police were called and Tara complied with the flight crew, collecting her little dog and catching a different flight.

Tara’s side says she thought she had a window seat, but it turned out she didn’t and was pissed because of that. She was also pissed because the woman in front of her reclined so she was “cramped”. Yeah, that’s called “being on an airplane,” bitch.

I don’t know why E! spends millions of dollars paying the Kartrashians when they could bring back Taradise for a fraction of the cost and a multitude of dramas. Who wants to see Kim and Kourtney bicker? I wanna see Tara Reid berate a flight attendant because she herself booked the wrong seat, hopefully ending in fisticuffs. I wanna see Tara blink her eyes one at a time while wondering who these sky marshals are asking her to collect her luggage. If you’re gonna give us trash, give us trash with substance! #BringBackTaradise2019

Here’s video of A-list superstar being kicked off a flight as her little dog dies of embarrassment:

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