Sydney Sweeney Says Dad Walked Out on Nude 'Euphoria' Scenes

Sydney Sweeney‘s dad apparently couldn’t stomach his daughter’s explicit scenes in “Euphoria” — which kinda makes sense … ’cause she bares it all and then some.

The actress dished to “TODAY” about how her folks took her early work on the hit HBO show … where she’s featured fully nude a number of times, not to mention straight-up sex scenes. As she puts it — her father, Steven, just wasn’t up to watch his daughter in that context.

sydney sweeney

She says, “Yeah, I didn’t prepare my dad at all,” going to explain that when her pops and grandad initially watched her in ‘Euphoria’ — presumably season 1 — they “turned it off and walked out.” Sydney rhetorically asked … “I mean how do you bring up a conversation?”

It’s interesting … it sounds like Sydney looped her mom in on what she was doing on set, saying Lisa was prepped and knew what was coming — adding that she’d come to visit her daughter on set regularly. Sydney says with her dad … they just don’t talk about work.

BTW, the way Sydney tells it … it doesn’t sound like her father/grandpa watched her in ‘Euphoria’ ever again after seeing her naked — but adds, her g’ma is a big fan!

Sydney has talked about her raunchy scenes — of which she’s done several between a few different projects of hers now — and says she’s not afraid to go there as an artist … arguing that she’s willing to do whatever the work requires of her, as long as it serves a purpose.

She has said, though, that pervs and trolls are constantly screengrabbing her nude scenes and tagging her family members — including young cousins — and she says that sucks.

In any case, she’s skyrocketing as far as star power, quickly growing into one of Hollywood’s most coveted on-camera talents — despite off-camera speed bumps now and then.

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