‘Stupid w**ker!’ Kirstie Allsopp’s foul-mouthed rant as critics mock host’s NHS complaints

Kirstie Allsopp criticises hospitals for being 'slow and unimaginative'

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Kirstie Allsopp launched a scathing attack on hospital visitor policy on Thursday describing some cases as “wildly slow and unimaginative” in how provision is being handled since the Covid-19 pandemic. The Location, Location, Location star said the main issue concerns “designated visitors” whereby people in some locations are having to choose just one or two family members for the entire length of their hospital stay under the NHS.

The 50-year-old has since unleashed her frustrations on social media after critics took aim at the Channel 4 presenter.

It comes after Kirstie sat down for an interview on LBC’s Tonight with Andrew Marr and criticised what she believes are inconsistencies across the country that have resulted in unnecessary pressures on families.

Sharing a clip of their chat, LBC captioned the post: “TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp criticises hospitals for being ‘wildly slow and unimaginative’ in how they handle visitors.”

Twitter user, @Walshicus1 replied: “A celebrity estate agent and daughter of a hereditary peer being given a national platform to talk about the NHS. LMAO.”(sic)

Kirstie retweeted the message in view of her 427,000 followers and unleashed her fury.

She penned: “I’m 50 you stupid w**ker, at what point does who your father is stop mattering? And you misogynistic t***er @walshicus1 I had a mother, why doesn’t she matter at all?”

@kevoolym remarked: “What the hell do you know about the functioning of the NHS? #deluded.”

Kirstie fired back: “Well I’ll come on your radio show and tell you what I know.”

@NorthenKitty commented: “She knows what about this subject? Don’t think making a cushion really qualifies her.”

The Channel 4 host replied: “No, actually maybe it’s this one.”

@Don_Mac said: “But you’re an estate agent though…”

To which, Kirstie added: “Actually I’m not!”


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A sixth Twitter user, @Mybaws penned: “She’s vile.”

She hit back: “Seriously, I have never had such a fun evening.”

When asked by host Andrew, 62, about hospitals’ visitor policies, Kirstie said: “I think they’ve been wildly slow and unimaginative.

“The reason I think that is because there are hospitals who have normal visiting practices, obviously it’s not a free for all, hospitals aren’t Disneyland, you know, two visitors around the bed is quite enough and 11am to 8pm, don’t stay too long.

“That’s all reasonable. But if many, many hospitals are able to do that there’s no data to support the hospitals who aren’t doing that.”

Kirstie, who is currently campaigning and visiting hospitals around the country against these internal regulations added: “I don’t want to name hospitals here, but there are hospitals all over the country which have enormous differences, as I said, some hospitals where you can only visit by appointment or worse.

“They have a system called ‘a purpose for visit’. Obviously, as you know, if someone has suffered from a stroke or post-operative delirium or has received bad news and had to have rushed surgery, they’re in shock and familiar faces are incredibly medically important.”

Kirstie closed her interview with advice for those who have problems with the rules surrounding visiting loved ones as she urged the public to get in contact with PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service).

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