Strictly’s Katya Jones and Tony Adams break silence on row rumours

Strictly: Tony Adams says Katya shouted at him to 'focus'

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Strictly’s Katya Jones and her ex-footballer dance partner Tony Adams went down a storm on the dancefloor in recent weeks, and their stint of good luck only ended when Tony was forced to bow out due to an injury. However, the pair have now broken their silence on the rumours of animosity that have plagued them all the way through the competition.

When Katya invited fans to pose their most burning questions to her to be answered on Instagram Stories, an inevitable one that cropped up was: “Did you and Tony really get on?”

The dance star responded with a montage of photos of the two of them together covered in love heart emojis and quizzed: “Did you not read the press?”

Then, she teasingly continued: “Couldn’t stand the man! And we argued constantly… apparently!”

Katya followed up with a series of tears of laughter emojis, making it clear where she stood.

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Former Arsenal captain Tony then reposted the snaps of them sharing moments together, adding the words: “She really loves me.”

Fans had previously misinterpreted their playful banter onstage as a feud, suggesting Katya was fuming that he had cost her the chance to be the Strictly 2022 champ.

As she gave an emotional exit speech on the Strictly stage, she had stopped short to cheekily admonish Tony for “interrupting”.

Blinking back the tears, she’d been in the middle of earnestly telling him: “I’ll be forever grateful that I was partnered with you.

“Do you know what I love? I loved us and I loved that we didn’t care what anyone thought, we did every routine our way…”

Then an excitable Tony interjected to praise her “genius” choreography – something that Katya jokingly pulled him up on.

“Yet again, he interrupted me when I’m speaking!” she quipped.

The interaction was described by fans on Twitter as “awkward” and speculation began almost instantly that they secretly disliked each other.

Meanwhile, others pointed to behind the scenes blunders shared on Instagram of Tony toppling backwards during one of his routines, and suggested Katya might be unhappy with the quality of his performances.

Shirley Ballas had described his Full Monty dance as more about “entertainment” than technical competence, after viewers were stunned by the sportsman’s topless routine in red sequin shorts.

Katya had also laughingly corrected his attempt to describe a dance move he felt he’d “nailed” as “the New Yorker”, stating that it was actually “the New York”.

However, the pair have now made it clear that they are firm friends in spite of any misconceptions.

Meanwhile, fans have also been discussing Tony’s past relationship history, after a claim from his autobiography emerged, suggesting he’d once turned down TV star Ulrika Jonsson in favour of supermodel Caprice.

Talking of how he had met both women on a TV show led by his former team-mate Ian Wright years ago, he wrote of Ulrika: “I was flattered but I had no desire to follow up her interest.

“I was more interested in Caprice, who was Ian’s sidekick on the show and who made it plain she was attracted to me.”

Yet Ulrika chuckled on Instagram: “Laughing my t**s off at this. Never, ever met the bloke. Maybe he was dreaming.”

That said, in her The Sun column she had added that she was “partial to a bit of Tony Adams”, especially due to his “honesty” when battling his alcohol addiction demons.

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