Stassi Schroeder’s Response To Her ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Firing Is About "Learning"

Months after being axed from the series, Stassi Schroeder is responding to her Vanderpump Rules firing with some honesty. The reality TV personality was cut from the Bravo show on June 9 after her racially insensitive remarks resurfaced amidst this summer’s Black Lives Matter protests. Schroeder seems to have learned a lot since then and spoke about it on the Tamron Hall Show on Thursday, Sept. 17. Schroeder said:

Schroeder is truly putting the work in to learn about anti-racist practices, literally taking lessons on how to do better.

"I’ve spent the last three months working with a teacher and learning about everything. And there was so much that I didn’t know," Schroeder explained to Hall. "I didn’t understand that just because something wasn’t about race for me, doesn’t mean it’s not about race for the other person because I’m bringing my experience as a white privileged woman to this situation and she’s bringing her experience as a Black woman into this situation. And because it’s about race for her, it is about race. And that’s something that I’ve realized."

During the interview, Schroeder also revealed that she was not given much notice of her firing. "I got a call from my producer and my lawyer that morning,” she said. “I understand why I didn’t have a chance to explain myself, I’ve messed up a lot.”

Schroeder and her fiancé Beau Clark are expecting their first child together, and their new family is part of the reason she’s taking a step back from reality TV. Schroeder told Hall that her reality TV "ship has sailed."

She went on to say, "And my life feels very different right now. I think when something like this happens and you get pregnant on top of it, you take inventory of your life and you think what is going to be the best for my future child, and I think getting drunk and starting conflict and misbehaving on a reality show isn’t my journey anymore.”

Schroeder’s new journey seems to be all about learning, which is always a very worthwhile journey to take.

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