Snake Hive Arise: Duchess Meghan allegedly ‘hissed’ at a traumatized aide in 2018

I hope Taylor Swift’s Snake Hive rises up in defense of the Duchess of Sussex, who I am now assuming is an inevitable member of the Snake Fam. According to a hilarious new story in the Sun, Meghan “turned and hissed” at a staffer during a stop in Fiji, as part of the Sussexes’ South Pacific tour in 2018. Meghan was pregnant at the time, and Prince Harry was incredibly protective of Meghan. There were a handful of events which were cancelled or changed at the last minute to accommodate Meghan’s pregnancy and (what was widely assumed) her morning sickness. There was a moment where Meghan was supposed to spend a certain amount of time at a Fiji market, but Meghan had to leave early because – as we were told at the time – the heat and the crush of the crowd. People forget that M&H were swarmed with fans at every stop of that tour, and I seem to remember that there were more people at the Fiji market than anyone expected. There were security concerns and Meghan’s guards ushered her from the scene earlier than expected. Except that according to the Sun, Meghan actually threw some kind of hissing tantrum, made a white woman cry and got mad about the United Nations.

Meghan Markle reportedly “turned and hissed” at a staff member in a row during a Fiji market tour, leaving the employee in “tears”. Security swept the then-pregnant duchess away from the market after she whispered to a bodyguard during a visit in October 2018. At the time, the reason given for the abrupt end to her walkabout was that the crowds grew too big to control.

However, Meghan, 39, was actually concerned about the presence of UN Women, a group which promotes women’s empowerment, The Times reported. A Daily Mail reporter was on the trip and claims they saw Meghan “turn and ‘hiss’ at a member of her entourage, clearly incandescent with rage about something, and demand to leave”.

They wrote: “I later saw that same – female – highly distressed member of staff sitting in an official car, with tears running down her face. Our eyes met and she lowered hers, humiliation etched on her features. At the time I was unable to document anything as I couldn’t conclusively link the two incidents together, despite my suspicions. I have subsequently found out from other sources that my instincts were right.”

According to a source, Meghan said she would only visit the Fijian market if there was no branding for the group. Lawyers for Meghan denied the claims, and said she met with leaders from UN Women later during her visit. She had worked with UN Women in the past.

Meghan was being given a tour of Suva Market during the 2018 Royal visit when her bodyguards intervened. One onlooker reportedly said Meghan appeared to “look concerned” before entering and “looked really disengaged, not her usual self at all”. She then apparently whispered something to one of her aides before being whisked away.

The witness told the Mirror: “She stopped to speak to a pineapple seller on one of the stalls and had a very blank and disengaged look on her face, which is very unlike her. It was very hot and humid in there so perhaps it wasn’t the best environment for a pregnant woman. After speaking for about a minute she broke off and spoke to the same aide again before she was whisked out of the market very soon after.”

[From The Sun]

Granted, I’m not a racist British reporter with an axe to grind, but it sounds more like Meghan was feeling poorly – perhaps morning sickness, perhaps she was just faint from the heat – and she leaned over and told an aide and a few of her guards and they whisked her away so she wouldn’t barf on anyone or pass out cold in the market. As for the completely random, idiotic smear about UN Women… um, why would UN Women, as an organization, be involved with a marketplace in Fiji? And even if they were involved (???), why would Meghan feel one way or the other? She literally worked with the organization and she still works with them in some loose capacity. But no, it’s all about the HISS! Meghan the Snake! She made someone cry, don’t ask what the circumstances were, she totally HISSED you guys. Snake Hive, ARISE.

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