Shauna Sexton’s Wish List For A New Boyfriend Includes Desire To ‘Eat Twice My Body Weight In Hot Wings’

While there have been conflicting reports about whether Shauna Sexton and Ben Affleck are really split up, a recent Instagram story seems to confirm the breakup. The Daily Mail reported that the model responded to a fan’s request to be her “sugar daddy” with the following.

“Nah I’m good but I would dig some love, support, humor, emotional intelligence, and someone to eat twice my body weight in hot wings with if you have any of that?”

The fan was supposedly going to send her 10k, but it’s hard to know if it’s a real offer or not. The person probably offered her the money because they knew that Ben Affleck reportedly gave the model tons of gifts and money. This is what an insider said, according to Radar Online.

“[Ben]’s a boyfriend with benefits and he likes to share his wealth. Shauna isn’t asking for this, Ben just loves taking care of her… Apparently, he left her pocket money to get her hair and nails done. Like wads of cash.”

It’s hard to know for certain whether these reports are true, but one thing is for sure. Shauna was seen driving Affleck’s SUV around while he was in rehab, and she also quit her job as a veterinary tech soon after their rumored relationship began.

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While the model enjoyed modest success prior to being linked with Ben, the reported relationship brought her tons of publicity. This is believed to be part of the reason why Shauna quit her job. Ironically, right before the couple’s split was publicized, Sexton posted an Instagram post about how she missed her old job. Whether the model has now secured enough work to make her modeling career a viable source of income is yet to be seen.

In the meantime, Shauna’s taking to Insta stories to continue to give fans a glimpse into her personal life. The most recent stories show her hanging out with her dog outside, as she also dreamed of building a farm on an idyllic plot of land.

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Evidently that beach was hilarious

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Sexton also shared some Halloween fun that she was having with her friends, as they made some sort of Halloween-inspired drink, and carved pumpkins together.

Her fans haven’t been focusing much on her reported breakup from the reported actor in her recent posts. Instead, people are showering her with compliments about her “stunning” and “gorgeous” looks. Meanwhile, one fan simply tagged Ben in a comment without saying anything else.

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