Saweetie on Experiencing Sexism and Proving Sexist People Wrong: ‘I’m a Proud Woman’

The ‘Best Friend’ raptress also says that though ‘feminism’ is a ‘touchy word,’ she thinks that it’s slowly ‘evolved’ to represent a common goal of women ‘being accepted.’

AceShowbizSaweetie has shared her thoughts on feminism. In a new interview for Glamour U.K.’s cover story, the “Back to the Streets” hitmaker stated that her ambition has been fueled by sexism.

The 28-year-old rap star, whose real name is Diamonte Harper, has experienced sexism throughout her life and she remains determined to prove her doubters wrong. She told the magazine for its digital May issue, “I’ve always proved people wrong. I’ve always proved men wrong.”

“I think that women deal with it, not only in the [music] industry, but in everyday life, you know, not feeling equal or not being respected,” the “Best Friend” hitmaker continued. So I wouldn’t even put my focus on experiencing it in the industry.”

“I’ve experienced sexism all my life, but I think in times like that, it just fuels my ambition to just prove those who may not see me as an equal wrong,” Saweetie opened up. She later said that she thinks the concept of feminism has evolved over recent years, and the chart-topping rap star feels “proud” to be a woman.

Saweetie shared, ” ‘Feminism’ is a touchy word, but I think that it’s slowly evolved to [represent] a common goal of women being accepted, empowered and equal to everyone on the planet.” She further pointed out, “I’m a proud woman and I love me some pretty b***hes.”

Earlier this year, meanwhile, Saweetie claimed musicians have it “tough.” The hip-hop artist acknowledged that her life and career look to be “glamorous” from the outside, but insisted “a lot of difficult things” happen behind the scenes.

The “My Type” hitmaker, who has yet to release her debut album, explained, “I just feel like as artists, you know, we have it tough.” She went on adding, “I feel like we have all the spotlight on us and people think that it’s glamorous when in all actuality there are a lot of difficult things that happen behind the scenes.”

Read the full interview in the GLAMOUR U.K. May Digital Issue online now.

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