Sarah Jessica Parker Has Been Pulling These 10 Fashion Tricks Since the '80s

Whether the name Sarah Jessica Parker makes you think of Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Sanderson, or another iconic role from her decades-long career, one thing is certain: The real SJP — the one we see off-screen — happens to be just as iconic as anything on her resumé, especially when it comes to fashion. On a handful of occasions, the actress has fully influenced us to make a purchase. When she was spotted in babydoll shoes, we were convinced we needed a pair for our own collection. And, after enough sightings of her Pretty Connected mask chain, we, too, fell in love with the practical-yet-cute accessory.

If we had to guess Parker's secret for consistently pulling off impeccable outfits, both for events and full work days at her NYC shoe store, it's that she has a signature style. Sure, it's evolved over the years, and often ranges from super classic to statement-making, but there are certain items that Parker has kept in rotation since the 1980s, which make up a chunk of her wardrobe.

Thankfully, you don't just have to take our word for it; since Parker has been in the spotlight so long, there's plenty of photo evidence. Take a look at the fashion tricks she just can't quit, ahead.

Adding a Black Blazer to Every Outfit

Sarah Jessica Parker Style

Style with a bra, paired with jeans, over a dress — Parker knows a structured black jacket is always a versatile and wise investment. It's not an exaggeration to say a blazer looks good with everything.

Accessorizing With Pendant Necklaces

Sarah Jessica Parker Style

Sometimes, all you need is that one little extra to take your look to the next level. For Parker, an eye-catching pendant necklace is often the final touch, both for formal events and casual everyday wear.

Giving Overalls a Fashion-Forward Twist

Sarah Jessica Parker Style

Not everyone is a fan of this denim staple, but the actress makes a strong case for breaking out some overalls. Not only are they perfect for throw-on-and-go days, but they can also be dressed up with fun jackets, hats, sparkly shoes, and puff sleeves.

Showing Off Chunky Socks

Sarah Jessica Parker Style

Even on days when her style is more lax, Parker adds flair with the help of long, chunky socks. Whether she's wearing a plain, printed, or graphic pair, she shows them off with the help of cropped pants, and sometimes adds an unexpected shoe choice to the mix, too, such as clogs or sandals.

Throwing On a Beanie Hat

Sarah Jessica Parker Style

Looking cute when it's cold outside isn't easy, but Parker has a quick trick for amping up a plain black coat: a knit beanie! And, if it has a print, even better.

Mixing Prints

Sarah Jessica Parker Style

Two is better than one when it comes to Parker and prints. The actress has proven that plaid jackets go with just about anything, from polka-dots to florals, and if you stick to a color scheme, such as splashes of red and pink, you can pull off some seriously quirky combinations.

Wearing Shoes With Sparkle

Sarah Jessica Parker Style

It's not just Carrie Bradshaw who enjoys fun footwear. For decades, Parker has preferred jewel-embellished heels and flats, and even includes this detail in many of her own designs.

Cuffing Jeans

Sarah Jessica Parker Style

Parker is just 5'3, so it's safe to say she knows at least one petite styling trick, like how opting for cropped pants can elongate your legs. However, if you're still searching for shorter styles or can't make it to the tailor, the actress has a workaround: Simply cuff or roll the bottoms. Problem solved.

Making Leggings Extra Versatile

Sarah Jessica Parker Style

We tend to associate leggings with loungewear and workout clothes, but while the actress has definitely styled these bottoms with sweatshirts, she's gotten creative, too. While working at her shoe store in February 2021, Parker was spotted wearing a printed pair underneath her dress — aka the perfect trick for making breezy, summer styles work for the winter months, too.

Embracing Black Dresses For All Occasions

Sarah Jessica Parker Style

When in doubt, a long or mid-length black dress will come to the rescue. Not only has Parker wowed us with some glamorous designs on the red carpet, adding a personal, fancy twist with diamonds and bows, she's also been spotted in breezy styles around the city, completing the look with statement shoes or simple slides.

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